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The importance of David Rose

In this image: Dan Levy on-screen in a still shot of Schitt's Creek playing on a laptop.

A show dubbed “Canada’s answer to Arrested Development” recently started its fifth season on CBC.   But Schitt’s Creek isn’t just some a carbon copy of an American sitcom. I’d argue it’s one of the best shows on television right now. There are a few reasons for this, but I’m going to focus on one: his name is David Rose. David…

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Sickboy documentary shows the darker side of hilarious podcast

Gut-busting podcast turns gut-retching in documentary airing tonight on CBC-TV at 9 p.m. Documentary Sickboy (2017) follows Jeremie Saunders, a 29-year-old living with Cystic Fibrosis – a fatal chronic condition – and friends Brian Stever and Taylor MacGillivary, co-creators of the podcast Sickboy. Through hilarious discussion, the trio de-stigmatizes what it is like living with daily…

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Bringing the city to life

She jumped. She jumped with a white hunk of plaster and gauze on her foot, which bound her like a shackle, even though she was stuck in her own home. Dalhousie masters of planning student Danielle Davis jumped for opportunity. “I was stuck,” says Davis. “Interviewing people helped me reach out when I felt really…

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Not for the hemophobes

Are you terrified of needles? Do you become nauseous at the sight of blood? Cringe at descriptions of bodily injuries? Then this year’s CBC Massey Lecture isn’t for you. If you can stomach it, Lawrence Hill’s Blood is an intriguing survey of the ways in which that infamous bodily fluid underpins every aspect of human life,…

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Hidden gems of CKDU

Maybe it’s the 30,000 records. At 140 grams per unit, that’s more than four tons of vinyl. Nothing in the station looks like it belongs in this millennium, but Dalhousie’s campus radio station-cum-community beacon can contend for bragging rights among the crate-diggers about town. At CKDU, there’s a 10-by-14 foot room reserved for shelves upon…

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A real page-turner

We’re told our country prizes academics and encourages curiosity, but it sure has a strange way of showing it here in Canada. The April 2012 federal budget cuts were deep and unforgiving, as were the budgets of most countries coming out of a recession. In this country, however, the departments to take the brunt of…

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“Hi, I’m Jian Ghomeshi, and you’re reading 1982”

David Bowie wishes he were Jian Ghomeshi

With years of entertaining audiences as a CBC radio host under his belt, Jian Ghomeshi has published his first book. Titled 1982, it’s a memoir of the year Ghomeshi turned 15 – growing up as a first-generation immigrant in a Toronto suburb, falling in love with an older woman and, more than anything, wanting to…

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