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ThredUP misses the point of thrifting

In this image: The homepage of ThredUP.

ThredUP is an online shop selling secondhand clothing. Veiled in the rosy rhetoric of sustainability, savings and style, their Facebook page preaches, “get thrifty with it!”   Online thrifting seems like a godsend, and maybe it could be, but thredUP is not it.   No one will deny that reusing clothes is better than tossing them. The concept seems sound. Send in your old…

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Buying happiness

Material desires are built on external forces, and do not contribute to internal worth. (photo by Amanda Rolfe)

In our culture of rampant consumerism and endless exposure to advertising, one may question its connection to who we are as individuals in a society. Consumerism is an ever-changing medium that connects us to what we desire. If that desire—which is often externally created—is not met, despair occurs. It makes you wonder: is there a…

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The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree

In our supposedly brilliant and technologically advanced modern age, we’re expected to be constantly innovating; we are meant to be perpetually critiquing and evaluating new ways of being connected faster, “better” and easier. In a true Shakespearian twist, our valiant struggle towards uniting the world in an easily traversable web of information just seems to…

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