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Putting your money where your mouth is

Wanting to go vegan has never been as easy as it is today, especially in cities like Halifax.  More vegan restaurants are opening and others are including vegan options in their menus. Grocery stores are carrying vegan alternatives, and health supplements are more readily available.   But at the cost of not eating Miss Piggy –…

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New Year’s Day resolutions not worth it 

It’s past the most wonderful time of the year. We’ve now moved on to the most depressing time of the year. It’s around this time that most people will have given up on most (if not all) of their New Year’s resolutions.   That, combined with the euphoria of Christmas being replaced by the dread of debt and the return to work, it’s no wonder that this time…

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Revamping tradition

It’s tough to maintain a celiac diet over so many holiday dinners. (Bryn Karcha photo)

The first of November to the beginning of January has always been my favourite time of the year. This is the one time when everyone stops caring about what they are eating and I have every excuse to sit inside my house all day in my pajamas watching movies. My childhood was filled with my…

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Letter to the editor

RE: “Beneath the hype” The only downside to a vegetarian diet is that you can’t be ignorant; you have to have a basic idea of what you’re putting in your body. You need to eat a somewhat balanced diet. Even without fortified milk, if you eat dairy products and eggs you’ll be well over the…

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Tiger Toning

Tiger Toning.

The benefits of breakfast “I don’t eat breakfast. Once I left home and began going to school, I stopped and haven’t looked back. Now I’m trying to lose weight and I keep reading that eating breakfast is an important fat loss strategy. Won’t eating more just cause me to gain weight?” — ‘Anti-Breakfast Loser’ As…

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Beneath the hype

Vertemnus by Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 1591

The downside to a vegetarian diet It seems you can’t go a day anymore without hearing the benefits of vegetarianism. Lose weight! Feel healthier! Save the environment! The propaganda is endless, and it’s convincing too. So convincing, in fact, that I was lured into the trend about a year and a half ago. Though my…

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Fighting the Freshman Fifteen

Gaining the freshman 15 -- photo by Angela Gzowski

Why the tradition of weight gain has held fast     In Risley Hall’s cafeteria, a steady stream of students bearing plates crowded with fries, hamburgers, pizzas and not much else is a familiar sight. But although some students avoid healthy selections, those options are available. Third-year commerce student Samantha Lush recently completed a work…

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Can we watch something else now?

By Rachel Sunter, Health Columnist When I was grocery shopping last week, the number of Weight Watchers products in the aisles struck me. Recession or not, this is one company that is expanding, however insidiously. Rather than be restricted to a weight-loss section, Weight Watchers’ trademark labels rest innocently beside plumper packages in most departments: from…

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What’s a gluten-free food lover to do?

By Hannah Griffin, Staff Contributor Being gluten-free can feel like a curse. There is the persistent feeling of being an inconvenience when eating out, or going to people’s places for dinner. Not to mention the shame of bringing vodka and Coke through the door of a kegger – on St. Patty’s Day no less. And let’s…

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Point (Gavin): An abnormally low Body Mass Index, a measurement used to express weight-to-height ratio, has been shown to be correlated to earlier than average death. Dramatic or sudden weight loss can wreak havoc on the body’s ability to cope with illnesses. BMI is admittedly not a perfect measure of an individual’s health, but it does…

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