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Letter to the editor

RE: “Beneath the hype”

The only downside to a vegetarian diet is that you can’t be ignorant; you have to have a basic idea of what you’re putting in your body. You need to eat a somewhat balanced diet. Even without fortified milk, if you eat dairy products and eggs you’ll be well over the necessary daily intake. Unless you’re a vegan, there is no need to worry about B12. That is, unless you’re eating nothing but fast food.

I’ve been a vegetarian for three years (and a varsity athlete) and have never had a problem. Neither have any of about a dozen friends of mine. Not to mention about a billion Indians, who don’t take B12 supplements. While Ms. Eades might have very exceptional circumstances, to imply that those are universal is shameful. Nor was she “lured” in by “propaganda.” We’re all adults here.

–James Hutt


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