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Canada grows, while NS stagnates

The population of Canada has been steadily growing, but this isn’t the case for Atlantic Canada. In the past 25 years, Canada’s population has grown over 25 per cent while Nova Scotia sits at merely 3 per cent.  Immigrants are critical for Nova Scotia to turn around its economy.   The provincial government has taken serious efforts to increase…

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Baby Boomers to Gen Z

Welcome to Dalhousie University, Generation Z.   In 2014, Maclean’s told us Gen Z-ers are “smarter than Boomers, and way more ambitious than the Millennials.”   If we believe the predictions, Gen Z will soon outnumber both. The Boomers who were born in 1950, would have started university in the late 1960s into the 1970s. While this 2018/2019 academic year marks the official integration of the Gen…

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Why Divest Dal opposes Kinder Morgan

Justin Trudeau took to the national stage on Tuesday, making his final decision on three major pipeline projects. He began by highlighting the Liberal government’s commitments made last fall to clean energy and reconciliation with First Nations communities. He then approved two major pipeline projects, the most significant of which was the Kinder Morgan Trans…

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Housing beyond the bachelor

What happens in those quiet moments? I can’t be the only one who fantasizes about what life could be like for me down the road. I have this soppy vision of a custom-built house in the side of a hill, with wildlife and gardens and the smell of the sea, where I would be happy.…

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Nova Scotia election guide

The key political leaders in Nova Scotia (photo by

The Gazette has assembled some of the election promises made by politicians that we believe may be relevant to you. We are a first step and should not be the last. We encourage you to go to the polls on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Education: PC Double number of apprenticeships. Require universities to provide prospective students…

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(photo by Bryn Karcha)

Do you believe doing the right thing always means sacrificing your well-being? I don’t. Lately, I’ve been finding a common thread among some of the critiques of fossil fuel divestment I’ve come across: the assumed mutual exclusivity of financial ethics and financial health. In response, advocates of divestment have been quick to note that oil and…

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Post-grad blues

Our generation is struggling to deal with failed post-grad expectations. (Bryn Karcha photo)

The fact that our economy sucks and unemployment rates are high has been done to death, but bear with me. I want to bring attention to an issue that doesn’t have anything to do with your future houses, jobs and cars or potential lack thereof. It’s this simple concept called happiness that our generation could…

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