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Are you being gaslit?

Gaslighting is when someone makes you question your thoughts, feelings and reality, using your self-doubt as a weapon of manipulation. Gaslighting is emotional abuse. It’s when someone hurts you – and instead of acknowledging your feelings, they turn it against you.   Your emotions are made out to be trivial, invalid and are effectively silenced.   Someone…

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Open Cuffing Season

A couple leaning their heads on each other.

Winter months bring the holidays. The air gets colder and the snow in Halifax will start to fall. It’s also cuffing season.   Cuffing season is a time of year where people often find themselves wishing to be in a committed relationship. But why?   A study done by the dating app Hinge found that men are 15 per cent more likely to look for a…

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Good people doing good things: A bald brotherhood in Howe Hall

Dalhousie first year student, Valentin Traclet found out in late November that his mother would be undergoing brain surgery in his hometown of Ottawa while he was at school in January.    His friends – Benn Fraser, Euan Hall, Jasper de Bie, and Warren Todd – knew they needed to help their friend through this difficult…

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Friends are undervalued!

Man meets beautiful woman who has no time for him. Somehow they end up spending a lot of time together. Inevitably they fall in love – they meet, it’s cute. But something inevitably goes wrong. They fight. Make-up. And get married.   Our movies and stories tell us that this romantic relationship is the most important kind of relationship.  But it’s not that simple. Romantic relationships are great. For some people, they’re the…

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The reality of making friends

If you’re like me, you’ve heard someone tell a story about how they met their best friend on the first day of classes, when they happened to sit next to them and strike up a conversation. My belief in these kinds of fateful meetings led me to have incredibly high expectations of how easy it…

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You’re not too good for O-Week

This goes out to all the students that think they don’t need orientation week to make their university experience a better one. You know who you are. You’ve managed to glide through high school with a couple good friends, and even though you and those friends have gone to different universities, you think you’re fine.…

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Rugby rookie

I’m still not really sure how I ended up on the King’s rugby team. I was a skinny, awkward and, most crucially, unathletic freshman with no prior interest or experience in rugby. I liked playing sports, sure, but that had never meant I could play them well. I was the only player to go scoreless…

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