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A temporary home

My undergraduate studies at Queen’s University included a number of late nights and parties that were probably inconsiderately loud. I lived in the moment, immersed in my studies and focused on making friends. To be honest, I didn’t give much thought to the community in which all this took place. My experience at university was…

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Damage deposits: Know your rights

Check out the Access Nova Scotia website for info on tenant rights and responsibilities (Photo by Amanda Rolfe)

As we all know, a large percentage of Dal students are from outside the province. This means the majority of students here are renting places in the city while they work on getting their degrees, making it a landlord’s market. As a result, rent increases consistently and landlords don’t seem to have too much trouble…

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A beginner’s guide to moving off campus

We’re approaching that time of year when those of you living on campus are (hopefully) starting to give some thought to where you’re going to live next year. If you’re planning on living in the university residences again, the decision-making process is pretty straightforward. If, however, you’re planning to move into off-campus housing, there are…

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