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Why investigative journalism still matters

A group of award-winning journalists shared their cloak-and-dagger investigative tales at the 10th annual Joseph Howe Symposium. The Coast’s Tim Bousquet talked about how he took down Halifax’s former mayor. “The world is not as pretty as it’s made out to be,” says Bousquet to a crowd of mostly young journalism students. “Cultivate a cynicism.”…

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Post-elections review

What went right, what went horribly wrong, and what to look forward to in future elections. (Adele van Wyk photo)

It would be tough to find a Haligonian who didn’t have an issue with the state of our roads or our transit system, but only 37 per cent of us took the few minutes required on voting day to change them. For the first time in 12 years Peter Kelly didn’t run for mayor. Our regional…

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Peter Kelly’s year in review

2011 was a banner year for Peter Kelly. He was a key player in the execution of the Canada Winter Games, he opened the new Harbour Solutions plants, he made inroads with the famous Occupy protesters, he promised to end the practice of secret meetings and he moved forward on many issues facing Haligonians. In…

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The big top

Occupiers need to continue protesting to fight mayor’s circus When I failed a test in Grade 5, my teacher told me I had to learn to deal with constructive criticism. “It’s hard to take,” she said, “but it will help you learn more in the long run.” The Occupy movement is many things, but at its…

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