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Undervaluing part-time professors

In this image: the Dalhousie Student Union Building on Studley campus.

Being a part-time professor is precarious work – and they make up about 50 per cent of the teaching workforce at universities across Canada according to the 2016 study Precarious U.   Associate professor of Sociology at Dalhousie University, Karen Foster, conducted the study to try and find out what this looked like in Nova Scotia.   “There are a lot of stereotypes about who works part-time, non-tenure track contracts at universities,” says Foster. “We like to think…

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Textbook Politics

In this image: the spines of books on a Killam Library shelf.

Where is the knowledge goldmine of Dalhousie University? The Henry Hicks? Maybe the Killam library?   Sadly, it’s the campus bookstore. Textbooks have all the knowledge covered in lectures, bundled in an extravagant price tag.  Textbooks are useful and powerful. They’re fantastic for students who miss their lectures, but they are also ridiculously unaffordable.   Many students have…

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Dalhousie professor baking his way to the top

Dalhousie Dentistry professor, Sachin Seth, is baking away the competition on season two of the Great Canadian Baking Show. The Nova Scotian baker started near the top of the group of 10 bakers during week one, and claimed the title of ‘Star Baker’ in week two.   Being on a baking show was a bucket list…

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Two Dal professors reach 40 years of teaching

In 1863, Dalhousie University had six professors; today Dalhousie has 999 fulltime and part-time professors on staff. 90 per cent of current faculty members have their PhD, and dozens are award winners.   Few have achieved the feats of professors John Kirk from the department of Spanish and Latin American Studies, and Lars Osberg of the…

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When profs miss deadlines

Unlike students, Dal profs face few penalties for submitting late work. (Bryn Karcha photo)

  The new semester means buying books, planning papers, and forgetting about last month’s exams for most students. But some are still waiting on final marks from last term. School policy is that grades must be submitted seven calendar days after the exam, or 14 days for classes without exams. Despite that guideline, there are…

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A curious love

Where is the line between personal and professional in student-professor relationships? (Chris Parent photo)

When I first think about student-professor relationships, my mind immediately calls up a porno and for some reason Evan Stone is in it. I don’t know why my mind does that, and I am not sure what it says about the subject, but my thoughts are usually sexual. Of course, these thoughts are not always…

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Reconsidering RateMyProf?

By Ryan Gallant, News Contributor and Daniel Boltinsky, News Editor Peter Schotch has a rating of 2.4, one of the lowest in the Dalhousie philosophy department. 58 students have logged on to evaluate him, and comments range from “obviously one of the awful professors who make it to tenure and then simply stop caring,”…

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UPDATE: Faculty to be locked out of email?

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In the event of a strike, students can expect to retain access to all Dalhousie web services, says Pat Power, the director of Networks and Systems at Dal. But he can’t say the same for profs. Power says faculty members do not play a role in the maintenance of these web services. Although some of the staff…

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The friendly face of education

Christina Lord is nothing short of a teaching assistant all-star. After completing an undergraduate degree here, the Dalhousie PhD candidate knows how to get people excited about science. She spends her days in a lab scattered with papers, coffee mugs, bubbling aquariums and a microscope that is monitored 24 hours per day. In this cluttered…

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It’s their turn to get graded

Tucked in the northeastern corner of the Killam Library main floor is an office students seldom enter. It’s here at the Centre for Learning and Teaching that instructors can polish their portfolios, engage in workshops and participate in discussion groups with their colleagues. And it’s here the results of the Student Ratings of Instruction (SRI)—those…

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