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Cramming isn’t that bad

Cramming. I’m doing it right now. I was supposed to submit this article yesterday. But I stood no chance against my inner procrastinator.   Whenever exam dates are approaching, the Killam becomes packed with masses of hard-workers. The library seems to come to life like buzzing beehive. The academic spirit seems over the top. No one can explain the…

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To cry or not to cry? That is the question

Crying is a common bodily response that corresponds with many emotions. But why exactly does it happen?  Psychologists have been trying to answer this question for decades. In 2014 the American Psychological Association released an article titled Why we cry, digging deeper into culture and gender relations in terms of crying.   There’s yet to be…

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Assumptions hurt

Explode your status quo bias. Don't make assumptions. (Photo via Google Images)

  In social situations, respecting another person’s right to live and grow requires uncovering their needs and responding in a way that serves everyone’s best interest. Of course, we don’t agonise over every word we speak or write in conversation—it’s an issue of limited brain space in a world full of distractions. Excuses, excuses, right?…

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Going for green

Spending time in nature brings positive side effects, like sharpened memory and attention span. (Amanda Rolfe photo)

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright.” – Henry David Thoreau — Thoreau’s words apply as much today as they did when he penned them over a century and a half ago. We’d be hard-pressed to deny his intuitive acknowledgement of…

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Flicks: A Dangerous Method

ZOE:   The David Cronenberg/Viggo Mortensen collaboration party continues in A Dangerous Method (2011), a departure from the gory A History of Violence (2005) and Eastern Promises (2007).  Method dives into the conflicts and heady discoveries of psychoanalysis as it emerged in early 20th century Vienna and Zurich. Theoretically, the  talent and subject matter promise an energetic, scathing take on human fallibility contorting  ‘progress’  –…

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