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Easier Days for Gym Staff as People Give up on New Year’s Resolutions

In this image: A foam roller, a water bottle and a pair of running shoes.

Staff members at gyms across Canada are breathing a sigh of relief as more and more people give up their resolutions to become better people and improve their lives.   “It’s finally that time of year when the daily stresses of life prevent people from fulfilling their exercise goals” says GoodLife staff member Daniel Bateman. “We aren’t used to the…

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Baby Ballers: the next gen of influencers

In this image: a stock image of a baby.

A new generation of influencers has taken over social media. “Baby influencers,” usually under 18 months, are young, fresh and social media savvy. From fashion posts, daily vlogs, to unique political commentary, little boys and girls as young as five months are developing online brands for themselves, attracting thousands of fans.   As follower count rises,…

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A humourous revelation of Indigenous issues

In Anishinaabe stories, Nanabozho is a trickster, a spirit who can transform into any form, any gender. Nanabozho collapses boundaries between male and female, humour and seriousness, disciplined and free.   The exhibit Nanabozho’s Sisters – which runs from Oct. 12-25 at the Dalhousie Art Gallery – aims to highlight the spirit of Nanabozho and unite…

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PoSitics, Week 3: The Liberal Party of Canada

This week we arrive at the party that won the third most seats in the 2011 federal election: the Liberal Party of Canada. Of all the parties, the PoSitics treatment may be most necessary for the Liberals. The Conservative war machine has spent millions of dollars trying to trivialize Justin Trudeau – to convince us he’s…

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PoSitics, Week 2: The NDP

Welcome to PoSitics. This special Gazette feature seeks to present a positive, upbeat analysis of each party’s platform so that Dalhousie students can approach the upcoming election with an appropriate sense of hope. We want students heading to the polls debating which party they WANT to vote for, not agonizing over who scares them the…

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Satire: Dal’s bookstore

Brand not books! photo by Ian Froese

 A model of efficiency for 21st century schooling While certain reactionary bourgeois elements on campus are fighting the good fight to clean up the excessively intellectual nature of university life, all may not be as bleak as it seems. Cradled in the basement of the otherwise socialist Sodom and Gomorrah of the SUB, lies a…

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Profile of a Sext Addict

When Jani, whose name has been changed to protect her anonymity, sent her first sext, she had no idea what kind of downward spiral she would fall into. Jani started sexting one day when she was “bored in class.” After breaking up with her long-term boyfriend, knowing that “you’re a fantasy they can’t have” gave…

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The war on the environment

Nick Wright, Humorist Since the dawn of time, man has had an innate hatred of his environment. It comes as no surprise that almost every major set of mythologies has a cataclysmic story on just what a bitch Mother Nature can be. Usually these myths came in the form of a flood.  Whether the Biblical…

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