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Sex education IRL

In this image: a portrait of Dr. Kate Rancourt.

Dr. Miranda Fudge and Dr. Kate Rancourt aim to alleviate stigma, along with educating the public about sex and busting some of the myths associated with it. 

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In a long-distance relationship?

Long-distance sucks. It’s hard and it’s lonely, but sometimes there is no other way.  I never imagined I would be in a long-distance relationship. Dating wasn’t an option in high school because I knew I’d be going away to school.  So many people have the fantasy of going off to university, making all these new friends and falling in…

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Pressing snooze on the Woke Bae 

Since the publication of the sexual encounter between U.S. comedian Aziz Ansari, and a woman using the pseudonym “Grace,” on about a month ago, a lot of opinion pieces have been penned.   All are well written and point out the glaring problems in the way sexual relationships unfold between men and women. They’re all problems that need to be solved.   But we’re missing a step.   Disgraced comedian and power masturbator Louis C.K. had a bit where he explains…

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Sexability: Just say yes….really, it’s okay

It always strikes me as odd when I realize we always tell women it’s okay to say no to sex, but very rarely do we say it’s okay to say yes. Don’t get me wrong: anybody has the right say no anytime – I’m not debating that. In my view, consent is the most important thing…

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Sex Column: The dos and don’ts of anal sex

Anal products from Venus Envy. Photo by Angela Gzowski.

Doin’ the booty dance   I was going to write this article on an introduction to sex toys, but after having a few funny run-ins with people on the topic, I changed my mind. Everyone just kept talking about anal sex! The funny thing about it (or maybe not so much) is that there is…

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Sex Ed: Everything To Do With – Shhhhhh!

Katie Toth, Sex Columnist Do you like shopping? Do you like malls? Do you like sex? Only if you said yes to all three of these things is the Everything To Do With Sex Show catering to you. A couple of weeks ago, the Everything To Do With Sex Show came to Halifax for its second…

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