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Open Cuffing Season

A couple leaning their heads on each other.

Winter months bring the holidays. The air gets colder and the snow in Halifax will start to fall. It’s also cuffing season.   Cuffing season is a time of year where people often find themselves wishing to be in a committed relationship. But why?   A study done by the dating app Hinge found that men are 15 per cent more likely to look for a…

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The Great Firewall

王羿杰, Yijie Wang Chinese students at Dal mostly hang out with other Chinese. Some believe it’s inevitable to form a clique with exclusively Chinese. People feel more comfortable with those who are similar in language and background. This creates a distinct culture, which is seemingly detached from the rest of the campus. But this doesn’t…

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An education

If you’re middle or upper class, or you aspire to such a title, you’ve probably been to university. This is nothing new; higher education has always been one way social and economic disparity has been reinforced. But this is not only because university gives you the skills to succeed—in many ways, it doesn’t. It’s a…

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The relationship

Don't settle for stability. You won't do your heart any favours. (photo by Bryn Karcha)

In September, life begins anew in the academic world, precipitating an increase in social gathering frequency. Perhaps it is the chill in the air, or the aphrodisiac of alcohol, but without intending to, I feel attracted to everybody and nobody and it weighs on my mind that I am less of a calculating creature than…

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Wayne Johnston’s The Son of a Certain Woman

This story opens with the reader’s gaze firmly fixed on Percy’s face, which is covered in a purple stain and swollen lips that will set him apart from his community throughout his life. Stepping backward, our gaze pans out to reveal increasing levels of detail about the main character’s life: his voluptuous mother Penelope, the…

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