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Sustainability not just a society

Sustainability is one of those words you’ve probably been hearing a lot lately. That’s because, with issues like climate change, people are coming together to figure out what can be done to achieve sustainability.   Changes can occur on the individual, local, regional or even international levels. They’re happening in Halifax.   Campus causes for climate change…

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Good People Doing Good Things: Jamal St. Lewis

Jamal St. Lewis is a fourth-year student at Dalhousie University working on a bachelor in management. During his time at Dal, St. Lewis has taken on multiple responsibilities on campus to make it a better place.   St. Lewis came to Dalhousie in order to pursue a degree in business that gave him the versatility to…

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Vice President Internal: Ntombi Nkiwane

Name: Ntombi Nkiwane Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa Major, year: I have no major: Management, minor Political Science, fourth year   Why do you want this position? I have been involved in the Dalhousie community since my first year on campus, but never within the DSU. Thus, I bring a fresh perspective to the Union. I think…

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Gravestones on the quad

Should the DSU be focusing on homegrown advocacy? (Photo by Yi Nuo)

The Studley quad was littered with tombstones on Halloween, each one planted by a student, staff or faculty member concerned about campus operations. “It’s absolutely befitting considering everything going on at Dal,” says Jacqueline Skiptunis, VP academic of the Dalhousie Arts and Social Sciences Society, “the services, the courses, the integrity of the university has…

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Open concept SUB causes debate

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) hosted their last public consultation on the proposed renovations of the Student Union Building (SUB) on Oct. 28. Some levied societies voiced concerns about the plans. The largest opponents of the proposed society hub designed by architect Keith Tufts were the Nova Scotia Public Interest Research Group (NSPIRG), the Dalhousie…

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Referendums 2013

This election season, a whopping six societies—including the student union itself—are putting forth referenda to try to raise the amount of money they get from students. Here is what you need to know about each question, the society, and what they plan to do with their money. Note: each of the official questions includes “Whereas…”…

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The modern left

What do the American anti-war movement, Occupy Wall Street, the sexual liberation movement, unions and an endangered semi-aquatic mammal from Australia all have in common? The Platypus Affiliated Society at Dalhousie has been organizing events for the past six months, discussing the history of the political left and answering that question. Motivated by a sense…

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Doing the Local-Motion

Last semester I took part in a challenge to become a locavore—someone who eats only local foods—as part of an environmental ethics project. The challenge was to eat locally for one full week to see how feasible it is for university students to adopt an environmentally friendly diet. Being the only student in my group…

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Loaded Ladle wins appeal

Loaded Ladle in business

Society will be ratified if they can meet the criteria There were smiles of relief all across the DSU council room Nov. 9 when councillors finally, after nearly two hours of debate, approved a motion to eventually ratify the Loaded Ladle. It was a tense few hours, during which one councillor was cautioned to watch…

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