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Swept Up with Summer Employment?

In this image: a student talks to a student advisor.

Sifting through job post listings and internship applications are a burden that students face every year, especially during the early winter months when they are on the search for a summer position.   It can be stressful to read a job description and not know if you’re qualified. The intimate stares at your resumé, wondering you’ve got what employers want…

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Arts vs. STEM

In this image: stock photo of robots.

After spending tens (and in the case of international students, hundreds of thousands) of dollars along with a staggering 35 thousand hours of their life, students are awarded a nice little piece of paper with their program and — it has their name on it.   After the sacrifices and investments, students expect to be successfully venturing off into…

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Good People Doing Good Things: Lily Barraclough

Lily Barraclough has a lot on her plate: she’s a student, she volunteers with multiple organizations and she’s a program coordinator for iMatter.  Barraclough came to Halifax in 2016 and started her student life in the Foundation Year Programme at the University of King’s College. Now, in her third year of her environmental science, and…

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Uber Eats hits Halifax streets

Put your sweatpants on and settle in for a relaxing evening of Netflix and chill because Uber Eats is here and you may never have to leave the house for food again.   Launched on Aug. 23, Halifax is the first city in the Maritimes to offer the Uber Eats service.  Simon Brown, general manager of…

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Good People Doing Good Things: Meghan Noel

Meghan Noel is a fourth-year student at Dalhousie University majoring in political science and minoring in law and society. Her program involves a co-op placement with the John Howard Society of Nova Scotia, where she’s been able to plan a book drive. The John Howard Society is a non-governmental organization with locations in every province…

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How to make life long friends in university

Gone are the days of easy friendship with whoever was in the park with you. Replaced instead with the slow realization that sometimes – being an adult sucks.   The trade off from fast friends is the comfortable silence on long car rides with long-time friends.   Older people often lament the difficulty of making new friends, or the lack of familiarity…

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In Halifax and underage

In 2013, there’s not much that can stop a student from doing some drinking, except maybe their age. Deciding what to do for fun when you’re underage can be an exasperating experience. It’s certainly not a clear-cut decision. It’s also one that defines the way you spend the next four years of your university experience,…

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NSCAD in conflict over closing of student gallery

The long brown brick building that sits at 1099 Marginal Street in Halifax is to be closed on March 31, 2014. The words “Seeds Gallery” are printed in large white letters on a black sign above the entrance. The interior of the building contains jewelry, pottery and other pieces of art created by students at…

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“I was ashamed to see anyone”

Debt is now engrained in our culture. Today’s youth will face unique stress from ruthless competition, lack of employment opportunities, tuition fees that have reached an all-time high and the often life-long experience of repaying debt. This anxiety hit me in my last year of my undergrad. At the time, I thought my anxiety would…

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