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Halifax vs. Toronto

In the past four years that I’ve lived in Halifax, I have had to shamefully admit that I’m from Toronto more times than I can count. On these occasions I’ve learned to accept the following reactions: Number one: the judgmental glances from proud Nova Scotians as they size me up and wonder how to approach…

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Readers, take note

Yes, it is only November 22. Admittedly, Christmas/the holiday season doesn’t technically start for at least a couple weeks. But we at the Gazette are holiday-positive! We celebrate the Christmas creep! We embrace it! Which is why you’re getting my holiday wish list WELL in advance of any actual holidays. You’re welcome. A funding grant…

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Dear Rob Ford

Dear Mayor Ford, I’m going to be honest: you messed up here, big time. I think one of the biggest things that you forgot is that you are not Lindsay Lohan, and you can’t go onto SNL after smoking up and make fun of yourself. You ran for the mayorship of one of the largest…

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Headfirst through the Explosion

Sunday morning and I can’t move my arms above my head. After four consecutive nights of sweating and dancing to the point of near-delirium, it almost feels good to say that this year’s edition of Halifax Pop Explosion is over. Almost. Upon first hearing of this year’s line-up, I was a little taken aback. The…

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East Coast welcomes the NBA

Fans came out to watch point guard Jose Calderon and the Raptors compete in an intrasquad game. (Bryn Karcha photo)

It took the Toronto Raptors, Canada’s only remaining NBA franchise, 15 years to come back to Halifax. But when they finally took the leap, they were greeted as if they never even left. Concluding a week-long training camp held in the city, the Raptors played an exhibition game on Oct. 6 to a healthy crowd,…

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Toronto copy shop busted for infringing copyright

A photocopy store popular with students at the University of Toronto was shut down by a copyright enforcement and licensing agency for “illegal photocopying” this month. Boxes of course packs and textbooks were carted out of Quality Control Copy Centre in downtown Toronto on Oct. 15. The store’s photocopiers and binding equipment soon followed. “We…

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