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To the sport I can no longer play

In this image: Jessica Briand prepares to kick a soccer ball.

Growing up as a high-level athlete, there was always that fear in the back of my mind that it could all end in an instant if I made a wrong move or a klutzy mistake. But as an athlete I stuck with it because it’s a love like no other.  I said good-bye to all…

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Signs from the stars and planets

In this image: a headshot of Kyle Fraser in front of a presentation.

With files from Dylan Coutts. Astrology, its validity as a belief system and field of study has been debated for millennia. But despite modern science’s rebuttal of it, astrology continues to fascinate, and many still turn toward it for guidance.   As Oxford dictionary defines it, astrology is the study “of the movements and relative positions…

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Briefs of the week

Week of Nov. 5, 2018 DSU Annual General Meeting On Wednesday, Nov. 7, the Dalhousie Student Union held its annual general meeting. The AGM failed to meet quorum – the minimum number of people required to pass new business. Ten per cent of Dal’s student population needed to be in attendance in order to meet…

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Accessibility on campus

Accessibility around both Dalhousie University and University of King’s College campuses are far from perfect. But that doesn’t mean the schools aren’t trying.  As two of the oldest schools in Canada, Dalhousie and King’s were built in a different time. They’re filled with an abundance of stairs, narrow hallways and uneven pathways. Most students can overlook…

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King’s BOG strikes down $1000 increase

A proposed increase to the cost of the Foundation Year program by $1,000 was unanimously struck down Thursday by the Board of Governors at the University of King’s College. The tuition would have increased the first year tuition to $9,878 for King’s students. The national average according to Statistics Canada in 2015/16 school year was $6,191. The…

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Halifax students share political priorities

With less than a month left until the ballots are cast in our 42nd general election, we thought it was time to shift our focus. We’ve talked about party leaders and about Halifax candidates, but we realized that we weren’t talking about those who are arguably even more important: the voters themselves. A team of…

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No-Bowie Can Compare

The Contemporary Studies programme out of King’s College has chosen to focus their third year course, CTMP 3415: Contemporary Aesthetic and Critical Thought, around David Bowie, the idol of the 1970s and ‘80s. Dr. Elizabeth Edwards, Director of the Contemporary Studies Programme and instructor of the course, sat down with Gazette reporter William Coney to…

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King’s students flooded out of rooms

Crews are working daily to undo the damage. (Photo by Jasspreet Sahib)

As students at the University of King’s College were returning to school after their winter break, they were met with a nasty surprise. Pipes in the university’s largest residence, Alexandra Hall, had burst. On Saturday, Jan. 4, a burst sprinkler drenched the west wing of the building, starting on the fourth floor and seeping down…

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King’s receives historic $2M donation

The University of King’s College announced on Dec. 5 a $2 million endowment to establish the Donald R. Sobey Scholarships. Starting in Sept. 2014, three incoming students will each be awarded a minimum of $10,000. As the endowment grows, more scholarships may be made available in succeeding years. “This is a great moment for King’s,”…

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Ondaatje speaks at annual lecture

Award-winning author Michael Ondaatje presented this year’s Alex Fountain Memorial Lecture, “Mongrel Art: A Discussion of Literature and its Neighbours,” on Nov. 14 at the University of King’s College. The father of former King’s student Alex Fountain spoke briefly about his late son, who valued inclusiveness above all else. Fountain said the goal with his…

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