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Fasting to make a difference

Dalhousie’s World Vision Society proved that 30 hours can make a difference on the Nov. 15 weekend. A small group of students, led by the society’s president Karley Hewitt, came together to stop eating and raise money— taking part in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine. They met in the Student Union Building to tie-dye shirts,…

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Ben’s Ten: Terrific Turkeys

Turkey’s aren’t exclusively around Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is upon us once again. To those Americans currently reading this, don’t be confused. Us Canadians just happen to do things a little differently on “Columbus Day.” We’ve all earned a break and a nice, large meal with family and friends, and the traditional centre of this feast is…

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Ask Abby About: Hot yoga

Want to learn about yoga? Just ask Abby. (photo by Chris Parent)

Walking into the lobby of Moksha Yoga, I’m met with a wall of heat and a tranquil reception area. I take off my shoes, placing them in a cubby along the storefront window, and greet the receptionist, Kiki, who as it turns out will also be my instructor for the day. I head to the…

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Where to work out off-campus

There's an art to correctly securing your bike. (Bryn Karcha photo)

This article cannot do the subject of fitness options in the HRM justice. There is simply a  ton of activities to enjoy. Here are only a few of those highlights. Moksha Yoga Halifax (1512 Dresden Row): Not just for the ladies, hot yoga promises to give everyone a good workout. Give it a shot with…

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Tiger Toning

Tiger Toning.

Yoga is for dudes too  “I may be the most inflexible human in existence and yoga has been suggested to me from multiple people. However, when I looked into it I got smacked with a barrage of language and terms that scared the hell out of me. Can you give me some ideas of what…

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Mind, body, and soul

By Samantha Durnford, Assistant News Editor   The heat is set to 37C and the humidity in the room reaches about 78 per cent. No, this isn’t a sauna. Fifty people are about to start their hot yoga class. Everyday about 100 people come to Moksha Yoga Halifax on Dresden Row to participate in the…

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