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The Gazette apologizes for plagiarism

gazette news logoLast week, the Dalhousie Gazette was alerted to an act of plagiarism in an illustration which was run in our Feb. 28 issue.

Upon investigation, the 146-19 edition of Jocular Impulse¬†was found to have featured a joke which had been previously told by Seth Meyers in Saturday Night Live’s popular Weekend Update segment.

The artist told the Gazette he accidentally submitted a practice illustration which was not meant for publication.

Plagiarism is a serious offence and, as such, the comic in question has been pulled from our website and the artist has been barred from contributing for the foreseeable future.

On behalf of the Gazette, I would like to sincerely apologize for the severe error that ran in our pages. We remain committed to showcasing the great original work of students and will carefully monitor future submissions for any ethical breaches.

Ian Froese
Ian Froese
Ian was the Gazette's Editor-in-chief for Volume 146. He was the Sports Editor for Volumes 145 and 144.

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