Add women, change politics

How Rwanda is doing the math better than Canada

March 11, 2016

It’s International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, and as we should, we’ve turned it into a weeklong extraganza of women supporting women so that they might recognize their potential and seek whatever future they choose. Celebrating our mothers, wives, girlfriends,… Continue Reading

The Ticker

January 10, 2014

Winter Universiade: Canada takes gold in men’s hockey   This year was the AUS’s turn to send its all-stars to represent Canada at the Winter Universiade in Trentino, Italy. The national squad, which rotates among CIS conferences biannually, travelled to Italy… Continue Reading

Silencing science

November 22, 2013

Thomas Duck, an atmospheric scientist at Dalhousie , wants people to start talking about science. It’s important, because research funding is facing drastic cutbacks from the federal government. Duck was one of four speakers discussing the impact of government attacks… Continue Reading

Future of Canadian libraries and archives discussed

November 15, 2013

Masters of Library Information Science (MLIS) student Alison Froese-Stoddard believes stories can keep community archives alive. She and others discussed related issues at the Royal Society of Canada’s (RSC) “The Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries and Archives” on Nov…. Continue Reading

The nationality of authorship

November 01, 2013

Canada creates a lot of amazing people. If this were my argument, it would be fairly one sided. You would read the article, laugh a little, and then go back to watching hockey and stroking your pet beaver. Canadian pride… Continue Reading

Vital curriculum

October 18, 2013

In a time where some seem to picture native peoples and their cultures as a thing of the past, outdated and only to be remembered in often biased history books, old Western movies, and beautiful—yet historically inaccurate—Disney movies, Dalhousie’s new… Continue Reading

Little victory, big problem

October 17, 2013

With hours at the Killam Memorial Library reinstated after being reduced earlier this semester, students have a right to celebrate. This action is due entirely to student feedback and an effective petition organized by Emma Herrington and the Dalhousie Science… Continue Reading

Status update

October 04, 2013

When we compose words, pictures and symbols to convey our thoughts, we are engaging in authorship (photo by Mel Hattie) Last week, a dating site mistakenly used a photo of Rehtaeh Parsons to promote their product on Facebook. This unwitting… Continue Reading

Mi’kmaq History Month events begin

October 04, 2013

October 1—Treaty Day—marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia. A month dedicated to Mi’kmaq origins and awareness, dozens of events are organized each year in order to promote public education about Mi’kmaq culture and heritage. The Mi’kmaq, a First… Continue Reading

Q&A with Elizabeth May

September 26, 2013

Elizabeth May, leader of the federal Green party and lifetime environmental activist, was on campus earlier this month. She was a panelist at ‘The Afterparty: A Discussion on the Future of Parliamentary Democracy in Canada’ and a guest speaker at… Continue Reading

Get on the job train

September 13, 2013

I threw caution to the wind this summer. I let my lifeguarding qualifications, last bastion of financial security, expire in June. I did not apply to any camp jobs. Instead, I hopped into my partner’s yellow Ford Focus, and drove… Continue Reading

One tweet too many

February 26, 2013

Athletes aren’t the only people who say stupid stuff on Twitter… Continue Reading

A tale of two reading weeks

February 22, 2013

Dal should adopt fall break… Continue Reading