Nova Scotia

RACISM: Black Perspectives

Discussing the realities of racism in Halifax

March 04, 2016

In a town where people of African descent were once confined to living near the city landfill, a crowd of people eager to change social attitudes in Halifax attended the moderated panel discussion “RACISM: Black Perspectives” on Feb. 24. The… Continue Reading

What to know before you rent

January 24, 2014

Nova Scotia is known for some of the most limiting rental rules in the country. While it’s not your best friend, the Nova Scotia Tenancy Act is there to protect you. Do yourself a favour and read it well, keep… Continue Reading

The anatomy of the NDP’s failure

November 15, 2013

Just how bad was the Dexter NDP’s early-October defeat? Collapse may be too weak a word. Forget the office they lost, or the drop to third-party status. Forget the nearly 20 per cent of the electorate who turned away from… Continue Reading

Beyond the [kloi’ st r]

November 08, 2013

Local filmmaker John Hillis’ documentary [kloi’ st r] was recently screened at the Uppsala Short Film Festival in Sweden, highlighting the growing presence of Nova Scotian artists abroad. Hillis describes his film as a “rumination on how I came to be… Continue Reading

Improv yourself

November 08, 2013

Make ’em Ups’ co-owner and founder Owen Stanford wants to ensure that anyone can engage with his improv company. Make ’em Ups performs improv shows, as well as offers classes, which welcome players of all levels. “I just want it… Continue Reading

From farmers to students

October 04, 2013

A student-run farmers market is now being held every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Student Union Building. The Farmer’s Market Collective is run by Hilary Thomson, a third year sustainability and environmental science student, and Laurelle… Continue Reading

Mi’kmaq History Month events begin

October 04, 2013

October 1—Treaty Day—marks the beginning of Mi’kmaq History Month in Nova Scotia. A month dedicated to Mi’kmaq origins and awareness, dozens of events are organized each year in order to promote public education about Mi’kmaq culture and heritage. The Mi’kmaq, a First… Continue Reading

Nova Scotia election guide

October 04, 2013

The Gazette has assembled some of the election promises made by politicians that we believe may be relevant to you. We are a first step and should not be the last. We encourage you to go to the polls on… Continue Reading

Earl Grey runs in provincial election

September 27, 2013

Trying to predict Nova Scotia’s next premier? If you look to Facebook you’ll see that Jamie Baillie, Darrell Dexter and Stephen McNeil are all beat in popularity by a candidate named Earl Grey. Earl Grey, a cat, was announced the… Continue Reading

Dropping the debt

September 26, 2013

The provincial campaigning begins to bustle and election platforms rise like skyscrapers on plans and promises. Like everyone else who cares enough about the issues this early to have formulated opinions, I’ve been wandering around these political construction sites and… Continue Reading

Political promises to students

September 20, 2013

Nova Scotia Liberals Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil announced on September 10 that students receiving student loans in Nova Scotia to complete post-secondary education should not be charged interest on their government debt. “Nova Scotians that require student loan… Continue Reading

Fight Politician Apathy campaign starts at Dal

September 20, 2013

With the provincial election in full swing, the Dalhousie student union is moving to phase two of their campaign strategy, titled ‘Fight Politician Apathy’. “Students are tired of hearing that they’re apathetic,” says Omri Haiven, elections campaign coordinator. “And that… Continue Reading

Nova Scotia elections

September 13, 2013

Students in this province face crippling debt, requiring them to spend years of their lives working to pay it off—and that’s the good news. The bad news is that, given the current rate of youth unemployment in this province (a… Continue Reading