Halifax students share political priorities

September 26, 2015

With less than a month left until the ballots are cast in our 42nd general election, we thought it was time to shift our focus. We’ve talked about party leaders and about Halifax candidates, but we realized that we weren’t… Continue Reading

School on full speed: A product of pressure

January 31, 2014

Students nationwide are feeling the pressures of getting the best grades, applying for the biggest scholarships and getting the top jobs in their fields. With tuition rising at an inordinate rate, the push to do well and get your money’s… Continue Reading

Housing matters

January 24, 2014

  When my dad was in college, he lived with a guy he called “Zeke baby” (what? I know) in an apartment covered with shag carpet on the floors AND WALLS. The kitchen walls, made of stucco and decorated with… Continue Reading

Stop asking me for money, I’m broke

October 25, 2013

Dear Dr. Florizone, I have no reason to dislike you. I’ve never met you, nor even attended Dal while you were in charge. From what I’ve heard about you, you seem like a pretty chill guy. Your Tumblr has a… Continue Reading

Vital curriculum

October 18, 2013

In a time where some seem to picture native peoples and their cultures as a thing of the past, outdated and only to be remembered in often biased history books, old Western movies, and beautiful—yet historically inaccurate—Disney movies, Dalhousie’s new… Continue Reading

Christian residence only option for some U of T women

October 18, 2013

TORONTO (NUW) – The year she graduated from high school, Emma Sexton was accepted into the engineering program at the University of Toronto with the usual residence guarantee. She grew up in a small town in the Niagara region and… Continue Reading

DSU rolls out new bike repair stands

October 11, 2013

Dalhousie bicyclists will no longer have to fear loose handlebars or flat tires. On Sept. 26, a permanent bike repair stand was installed on the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, giving students free, round the clock… Continue Reading

Grad school

September 27, 2013

As many students know, there’s been a lot of media coverage talking about the uselessness of the arts: an undergrad in English (for example) is a waste of time, and a master’s is just another bad decision. I myself am… Continue Reading

President invites students to 100 Days of Listening

September 20, 2013

Fifteen or so students and some administrators sat awkwardly in half of the McInnes Room in the Student Union Building for one of the 100 Days of Listening sessions. “It’s understandable that in the first week students have lots of… Continue Reading

Political promises to students

September 20, 2013

Nova Scotia Liberals Nova Scotia Liberal leader Stephen McNeil announced on September 10 that students receiving student loans in Nova Scotia to complete post-secondary education should not be charged interest on their government debt. “Nova Scotians that require student loan… Continue Reading

Damage deposits: Know your rights

September 13, 2013

As we all know, a large percentage of Dal students are from outside the province. This means the majority of students here are renting places in the city while they work on getting their degrees, making it a landlord’s market…. Continue Reading

Provincial election prep

September 13, 2013

Nova Scotia will go to the polls on October 8, and the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) is ready. In anticipation of the September 7 announcement, the DSU released its platform on student issues earlier that week. The platform, which will… Continue Reading

A parent’s advice: hidden gems for every student

September 02, 2013

It feels like it was only yesterday when I found myself en route from Ottawa to Halifax to send my son off to university three years ago. Considered to be an exceptionally organized individual, I remember having only a few… Continue Reading