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Halifax Mooseheads shoot for the student market

On Sunday, the Halifax Mooseheads – the local affiliate of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League or (QMJHL) – played the Moncton Wildcats in a pre-season game held at the Halifax Forum. “The Forum,” as locals call it, is a north-end venue that is both smaller and less modern than the Scotiabank Centre, the Moosehead’s…

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Liberals’ 2016 budget investments to affect 11,000 Nova Scotian students

“If there’s one city in this country that really comes alive in September, it’s Halifax.” This was MP Rodger Cuzner’s sentiments as he announced investments from the Liberal government in 2016 that will benefit Nova Scotian students. On Monday, Sept. 12 at Mount Saint Vincent University, MP for Cape Breton-Canso and Parliamentary Secretary to the…

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Halifax students share political priorities

With less than a month left until the ballots are cast in our 42nd general election, we thought it was time to shift our focus. We’ve talked about party leaders and about Halifax candidates, but we realized that we weren’t talking about those who are arguably even more important: the voters themselves. A team of…

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School on full speed: A product of pressure

Students nationwide are feeling the pressures of getting the best grades, applying for the biggest scholarships and getting the top jobs in their fields. With tuition rising at an inordinate rate, the push to do well and get your money’s worth is stronger than ever. Midterm papers, three exams, a major research project, a part…

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Housing matters

This is the kind of housing I can get behind. (Photo by Amin Helal)

  When my dad was in college, he lived with a guy he called “Zeke baby” (what? I know) in an apartment covered with shag carpet on the floors AND WALLS. The kitchen walls, made of stucco and decorated with beer bottle caps, were the only exception to this. My mom thought it was gross,…

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Stop asking me for money, I’m broke

Dear Dr. Florizone, I have no reason to dislike you. I’ve never met you, nor even attended Dal while you were in charge. From what I’ve heard about you, you seem like a pretty chill guy. Your Tumblr has a cool mission, even if its name sounds like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez fanfic. You gutted…

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Vital curriculum

In a time where some seem to picture native peoples and their cultures as a thing of the past, outdated and only to be remembered in often biased history books, old Western movies, and beautiful—yet historically inaccurate—Disney movies, Dalhousie’s new minor in Aboriginal Studies should serve as a wake-up call to students. A year or…

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DSU rolls out new bike repair stands

Dalhousie bicyclists will no longer have to fear loose handlebars or flat tires. On Sept. 26, a permanent bike repair stand was installed on the corner of Spring Garden Road and South Park Street, giving students free, round the clock access to maintenance equipment. A total of eight repair stands will be put in place…

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