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Management faculty pulls ‘Straight to the Juicy’ ads

Dalhousie’s faculty of management retired its controversial advertising slogan “Straight to the Juicy” in October after realizing its sexual and drug-related connotations. Colin Craig, the faculty’s manager of marketing and communications, says the innuendo wasn’t intentional. “We honestly weren’t aware of the double-entendre, but we were happy with how it worked out,” says Craig. In…

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Editors of Gazette past

The Dalhousie Gazette is the oldest, longest-running university publication in North America. It’s seen 150 years of news at Dalhousie University. The watchdog of the Dalhousie Student Union and school administration. A voice for the students.   150 years of coverage means there are two histories: the history that the Gazette chronicled and the history of…

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Alumni Spotlight: Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy. (Submitted photo)

Alumni Spotlight is a series of interviews conducted with members of the Dalhousie Alumni Association. Emily Murphy Nickname: Murph! (With an exclamation mark.) You have to yell it when you say it because people only ever yelled it. Class of ‘05 Bachelor of commerce (international business) Current role: Administrative assistant on the development team at…

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2012 Tigers put on a show for 1982 alumni

In front of a packed house Feb. 10, Dalhousie welcomed back members of the 1982 national championship women’s volleyball team. The current Tigers squad, in turn, looked poised to start planning their own championship reunion with a convincing straight sets victory over the visiting UNB Varsity Reds. That victory was the sixth in a row…

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Cursing in Cantonese

Want to know how to curse somebody’s mother in Cantonese? Thanks to the efforts of two Dalhousie alumni, there’s now a smartphone app that can teach you. It’s called Swearport. The app features over 1,400 swearwords from more than 50 different languages. Each swearword is accompanied by an English translation and an audio recording of…

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Homecoming loses money

By Torey Ellis, Staff Contributor   Although DSU president Chris Saulnier says that the homecoming celebration this year was a “mixed success,” the student union potentially lost thousands of dollars on the events. Saturday’s LMFAO concert in the McInnes room was sold out days before it happened, but a revenue of $29,375 from ticket sales for…

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Dal Alum give back

By Samantha Ostrov and Melissa Evans, News Contributors   In 1984, Kathryn Dwyer Sullivan was the first American woman to walk in outer space. Before she was an astronaut, she was a student at Dalhousie University. At homecoming this weekend, many interesting alumni will be roaming the campus, some with stories as interesting as Dwyer…

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Dal experiments with Gmail

By Katrina Pyne, Staff Contributor Dalhousie is putting Google to the test. The university’s alumni e-mail accounts are now hosted through Gmail, instead of through the university’s website. Dwight Fischer, assistant vice president of Information Technology Services at Dal says it’s a way of “dipping their feet in the water.” It’s a move that might see…

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Remembering student soldiers

By Jason MacGregor, Features Contributor Dalhousie alumni have made some truly amazing accomplishments. Some have gone on to become CEOs of international companies, some have become highly respected politicians, some have made major breakthroughs in medicine, and some have become famous celebrities. As a school, we’re proud of their accomplishments, and we quickly remind others that…

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