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Goodbye, Gord

On August 18, 2016 I cried my eyes out with 20,000 other fans of the Tragically Hip in Ottawa. We thought it would be Gord’s and the boys last kick at the can. He had told us his time was limited, but somehow, we all denied it to ourselves. Signing along was a cathartic release…

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The product of an immigrant

I am from Canada. A statement that can be made so easily by most who say it, but not for all. When I say it, a sense of disbelief forms around those who listen, but not all. Dear residents of the land I was born in and have lived in, why do you think I…

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DalFest recap

tyler shaw

The annual DalFest concert took place at Dalhousie’s Studley campus quad this weekend. On Friday night, and several dozen students turned out to hear some country rock from Nova Scotia’s TJ King, followed by Jess Moskaluke, a country pop artist who hails from Saskatchewan. On Saturday, things began early in the evening with Toronto-based band,…

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David Sharpe embarks on new Olympic pursuit

Dalhousie swimmer David Sharpe learned several important lessons during his successful quest for a berth in the 2012 Olympic Games. Foremost among them was the realization that a trip to the Olympics doesn’t come cheap. Set to make a return to the Games in 2016, Sharpe knew he needed to find a different method to…

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Dear Rob Ford

Dear Mayor Ford, I’m going to be honest: you messed up here, big time. I think one of the biggest things that you forgot is that you are not Lindsay Lohan, and you can’t go onto SNL after smoking up and make fun of yourself. You ran for the mayorship of one of the largest…

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A joy to hold

Another day, another fabulous p-book (that’s publisher-speak for “printed book”) proving the continuing relevance of print medium releases on the Canadian literary market. Readers, this is one for the book(shelve)s. Over 100 years after its first publication in 1912, Stephen Leacock’s Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town should still be required reading for anyone growing up…

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The nationality of authorship

Canada creates a lot of amazing people. If this were my argument, it would be fairly one sided. You would read the article, laugh a little, and then go back to watching hockey and stroking your pet beaver. Canadian pride isn’t something we’re scared of. It’s easy to be proud when pound for pound our…

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Water boys

The Water Brothers, an award-winning Canadian television documentary series about issues surrounding water, is hosted by Tyler and Alex Mifflin. Alex is a graduate of Dalhousie University and the University of King’s College, and holds a degree in international development and environmental studies. The Gazette spent time with the brothers recently to discuss their documentary series.…

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Here for Hollerado

Four guys, one Ottawa suburb and garage rehearsals lead to Canadian indie rock band Hollerado. Guitarist Nixon Boyd spoke with the Gazette about influences, history and new music. On tour, Boyd says, “we mostly travel in the van. We pass time as best we can keeping each other awake by trying to one-up each other with…

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Heritage trust

Pat LePoidevin amidst his animal friends (press photo)

Singer/songwriter Pat LePoidevin grew up in small-town B.C., immersed in Canadian culture, never fully connecting with his paternally-inherited American citizenship. His latest album, American Fiction, enabled him to discover and learn about his other citizenship. LePoidevin and childhood friend Lewis Smith used Google Maps to choose each of the 10 song titles from small American…

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