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Candidate Profile: Lil MacPherson

Lil MacPherson excuses herself to answer her phone. Though it’s mid-interview, her campaign manager is on the line. There is silence, then, “Oh shoot.” “Did you know about the bomb threats?” MacPherson, the only challenger to the incumbent mayor Mike Savage, is getting a taste of the situation room. The setting is a corner table…

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Halifax students share political priorities

With less than a month left until the ballots are cast in our 42nd general election, we thought it was time to shift our focus. We’ve talked about party leaders and about Halifax candidates, but we realized that we weren’t talking about those who are arguably even more important: the voters themselves. A team of…

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Dear Rob Ford

Dear Mayor Ford, I’m going to be honest: you messed up here, big time. I think one of the biggest things that you forgot is that you are not Lindsay Lohan, and you can’t go onto SNL after smoking up and make fun of yourself. You ran for the mayorship of one of the largest…

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Lack of student voters does not signify student apathy

Dear Dr. Florizone, Please let me preface my letter with a quote from Edmund Burke, which has only proven itself more with time: “It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” In the last Dalhousie Student Union election, we had 16.35…

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Nova Scotia election guide

The key political leaders in Nova Scotia (photo by

The Gazette has assembled some of the election promises made by politicians that we believe may be relevant to you. We are a first step and should not be the last. We encourage you to go to the polls on Tuesday, Oct. 8. Education: PC Double number of apprenticeships. Require universities to provide prospective students…

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Fight Politician Apathy campaign starts at Dal

With the provincial election in full swing, the Dalhousie student union is moving to phase two of their campaign strategy, titled ‘Fight Politician Apathy’. “Students are tired of hearing that they’re apathetic,” says Omri Haiven, elections campaign coordinator. “And that politicians have no reason to listen to them. It’s disempowering to hear that stuff.” Phase…

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Nova Scotia elections

Students in this province face crippling debt, requiring them to spend years of their lives working to pay it off—and that’s the good news. The bad news is that, given the current rate of youth unemployment in this province (a whopping 18 per cent), we may not even have the opportunity to work a job…

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Provincial election prep

Nova Scotia will go to the polls on October 8, and the Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) is ready. In anticipation of the September 7 announcement, the DSU released its platform on student issues earlier that week. The platform, which will be available around campus on fliers and posters, outlines three main goals: affordable education, accountable…

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