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Rugby rookie

I’m still not really sure how I ended up on the King’s rugby team. I was a skinny, awkward and, most crucially, unathletic freshman with no prior interest or experience in rugby. I liked playing sports, sure, but that had never meant I could play them well. I was the only player to go scoreless…

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A letter to my first-year self

A man and his dog. (Photo by Natalia Silchenko)

Dear Chris, It’s a couple weeks until I graduate from university, and so I thought I would write a letter to you, my first-year self. In this letter, I hope to communicate to you the wisdom and experience I’ve acquired over the past six years. Six years, you ask? Am I graduating from a master’s…

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How to choose the right elective

Distracting, empowering, engaging, expensive-- in the classroom, technology sets a multitude of tones. (Alice Hebb photo)

Quite often you find the terms “first year” and “pre-req” used within the same sentence. When entering a new program, you’re told that it is mandatory for you to take a select number of required classes. They do, however, give most students a little bit of wiggle room. I’m here to help out with that.…

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The Dalhousie the brochure didn’t show you

If you are anything like I was, you have visualized this moment for a while. No, not your first time perusing your campus newspaper, but rather your first few days at Dalhousie University. You have envisioned a lot of possibilities in your head, the friends you will make, confusion over where your classes are and…

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