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Sexability: its the end of the world as we know it

Hello my lovelies, Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile. Last semester really kicked my ass both physically and emotionally, but I’m back now. I realize this column is supposed to focus on disability and sex, and I still intend to do that. However, I believe it is also important in the current socio-political landscape to…

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Dalhousie creating new sexual violence policy

The year-long process to update Dalhousie University’s lacking sexual violence policy is finally entering its end stages. Dal’s sexual violence policy has come under fire in recent months, most notably from Our Turn, a national student-led coalition against sexual violence on campus that gave Dalhousie a D+. A committee formed to create the policy had…

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Kym Sweeny

Hometown: Yarmouth County, NS Major: Law Kym Sweeny has been described as a “badass mom and law student” who advocates for students around issues of gender and sexualized violence. She has been integral to the creation of the DSU Sexual Assault & Harassment Phone Line, as well as the creation of the Student Advocacy Society.…

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Funding cuts to DSU sexual assault phone line leaves survivors without campus support

Dalhousie University is facing backlash from the community following the announcement that the Sexual Assault & Harassment Phone Line will be cut off after Nov. 3. Aimed at Dalhousie and King’s students, the phone line provides anonymous peer-to-peer support for victims of sexual and gender based harassment and violence. The phone line previously established financial…

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Fighting the sexist status quo

Last week, I wrote about the Saint Mary’s University chant and our collective responsibility to step back and try to wrap our heads around the social structures that made it possible. I concluded my article with a call to action, placing the onus on everyone to do their part to end violence against women, and…

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Letter to the editor

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Dear Editor, Your article on a woman’s experience of sexualized violence in a Halifax bar was upsetting and concerning. Sexual assault is not something anyone should have to experience. Unfortunately, rape and sexualized violence happen frequently in Nova Scotia, and it is important to ask, “How do we end sexualized violence in Nova Scotia?” Avalon…

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Will bars up their security training?

Alex Clarke knows how to spot a troubled situation. “You can tell a lot by facial expressions, body posture, things like that. There are certain signs that can be seen before it happens,” says Clarke, a former security guard at a downtown Halifax bar. Before being hired, Clarke had no formal training. As bar security,…

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Behind the dark curtain

“I’ve been crying a lot this week.” Jane’s words echo in the empty room. It has been one week to the day since the 23-year-old Dalhousie master’s student was sexually assaulted at a bar in Halifax. She’s still in shock. Her determination to get a story in the paper about how and why this happened…

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Walking the SlutWalk

Baring bellies in solidarity. Photo by Omar Bawhab.

Halifax SlutWalk rallies against rape and sexual assault  ‘Slutting your stuff’—the newest trend to protest victim-blaming in sexual assault cases. On Sept. 17 hundreds of Haligonians gathered to reclaim the word ‘slut’ for all of womankind in the first annual Halifax SlutWalk. The campaign stemmed from a comment made in January 2011 during a crime…

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