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The success and failure of student protest 

Protests in history haven’t always been peaceful nor always effective. This is proven true by the countless movements and protests of modern North America that have ended with arrests and often brutality. Over hundreds of years, hundreds of simple marches ending with the exact same result, with punishments far worse than they are today.  Even Dalhousie University’s own history…

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Dalhousie receives a D+ score for its current sexual assault policy

Dalhousie University received a D+ in a recent evaluation of Canadian campus sexual violence policies. This points to several areas of the university’s policy in need of improvement to combat campus rape culture.   The evaluation released in October by Our Turn, a national student-led coalition against campus sexual violence, uses a comprehensive, research-based point system…

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Calling All Allies

Remember Kinder Morgan? Standing Rock? These are fossil fuel projects implemented by governments with little regard for community interests and treaties these projects impact. Nova Scotia has its own energy project with the same issues. The Alton Natural Gas Storage project has been in the works for almost a decade, yet a lack of consultation…

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Editorial: Today’s Dalhousie student

Today's Dalhousie students are speaking out with a resolve unlike we've seen in some time. (Photo by Chris Parent)

The question was innocent enough: what was the mood on-campus this fall? As editor-in-chief of the Dalhousie Gazette, I have the privilege of speaking with an array of people from all corners of the university—yes, even from Truro. I’m not usually stumped when presented with an open-ended question about campus, but here I was, struggling…

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