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Rhiannon Makohoniuk

Hometown: Moncton, NB Major:  B.A. Psychology & Gender and Women’s Studies, B.SW and currently a special undergraduate student Proudest achievement to date: Getting academically dismissed from school, coming back and getting two degrees and frequenting the Dean’s List. Next big thing she wants to achieve: I want to inspire others to be comfortable with themselves and…

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What CP doesn’t tell you

Journalists must understand the importance of asking subjects for their preferred gender pronoun. (Photo by Bryn Karcha)

I hate asking my interview subjects for their names. I’m terrified of spelling an interviewee’s name wrong, so I force myself to ask for the spelling. I hyperventilate even if the subject’s name is an apparently simple Sarah Smith, because she might spell “Sarah” without an “h” at the end, or spell it a way…

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Dalhousie trans student claims discrimination from cafeteria staff

A Dalhousie student plans to file a human rights complaint against Aramark after a series of episodes where she claims she was discriminated against because she is transgender. Jessica Dempsey has decided to speak out after several complaints about her treatment from the university’s food service staff have not been addressed, she says. Her complaints…

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Changing sexes

A look into the life of a courageous trans individual Editor’s Note: The names in this story have been changed in order to protect the employment and social well-being of the source, who is not actively out in Halifax Sam sits his living room with a friend from elementary school, playing with his new cat.…

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Why we won’t publish homophobic ads

Spoof ad by Chase Joint via Twitter

The mystery explained Ah, Twitter. There’s a lot of stuff out there on Twitter. When you force people to condense their thoughts into 140 characters or less, the byproduct is an awful lot more being said. While that’s good for communicating, it’s not always good for clear communicating. Alas, the Twitterverse got the story of the…

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Talking about Trans

Breaking barriers and getting to know trans individuals Author’s note: When I use the term “trans”, I mean anyone identifying with a term starting in trans, such as transsexual, transgender, transitioning, etc. When I use the term “cis”, I mean people born into the gender they identify with. When we see trans individuals in the…

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Landmark US election: quiet victory for queer community

By Gwyneth Dunsford, Opinions Contributor   Liz Malette is interested in politics. But the transgender teen from Eastern Passage has had few role models in civic life until this week. On Nov. 2, Victoria Kowlakowski became the first transgender judge in the United States, after winning the position in Alameda County, just outside of San…

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