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Who’s Who at CKDU? Trevor Murphy Sets Halifax Ablaze, Weekly

By Mat Wilush • March 1, 2015

Gazette: Who are you? How old are you? Where are you from?
Trevor Muphy: My name is Trevor Murphy, I’m 30 years old (feels weird …

The Itty Gritty Bloody Bits

By Sarah Estrin • March 1, 2015

The Itty Gritty Bloody Bits

Anatomica at the Dalhousie Art Gallery questions what we know about medicine and ourselves

Tucked away in the Rebecca Cohn Auditorium, down the long spiral …

Not As Permanent As You Thought

By Paola Tolentino • March 1, 2015

Not As Permanent As You Thought

Pros and Cons of Easily Accessible Tattoo Removal

Dalhousie is all over the news again, this time in a happier context. Pathology PhD student Alex …

Brains Battle at Second Annual Brain War

By Meagan Wiederman • March 1, 2015

Wiederman – Brain War

Brains Battle at Second Annual Brain War

The second annual Brain War Competition, a fundraiser at the Discovery Centre on Barrington St, began at 9:30am. …

With the Lights On

By Rosalie Fralick • March 1, 2015


Getting BDSM off on the right track

With the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, BDSM is once again in the mainstream. That’s …

Seven Stages in the SUB

By Mat Wilush • March 1, 2015


SubFest transforms the SUB into a festival grounds on March 6

“There’s going to be an ice cavern hallway dance party,” Mike Fong tells me. …

Anti-Cosmo Sex Tips

By Rosalie Fralick • February 16, 2015

The Gazette takes on Cosmopolitan for some REAL sex advice

Cosmo Sex Tip #1
“If the sex is getting boring, don’t have a serious conversation – …

The A-B-C’s of S-E-X

By Rosalie Fralick • February 16, 2015


Anal Play: Lube up and use fingers first before trying for larger penetration. Also nothing that touches your butt touches your vagina without being …

Watching porn in the good old days

By Meagan Wiederman • February 16, 2015

VHS Porn

VHS porn is still a delicacy for some

Fondness for the past, with its “simpler technologies,” as Karmein Glemhas, who works at Treasures and Pleasures …

The Hair Down There

By Mat Wilush • February 16, 2015

Chatting about pubes with a human sexuality prof

Matt Numer teaches Dalhousie’s popular human sexuality course, so he’s no stranger to casual chats about the …