From The Archives: Spooky Studies

October 26, 2015

While this week’s specific paranormal submission by “A Creeped-Out Contributor” is something of a rarity, the Gazette has long treated the study of the paranormal as a field worthy of discussion. From century-old questions about why so many of the… Continue Reading

On divesting from Israel

April 26, 2016

As Dalhousie students, we are concerned that our student union is being solicited by an anti-Israel group on campus. The members of the Dalhousie Student Union last week voted on a motion to divest from a number of entities. Israel was specifically… Continue Reading

The best kept secret in the Middle East?

The complexities of peace-building

April 13, 2016

This past weekend, a peculiar group of people filled the Faculty Club of Harvard University. Some wore suits, and some had dreadlocks. Some wore a kippah (the traditional Jewish head covering for men), and others wore a Palestinian keffiyeh. Some… Continue Reading

The BDS movement and the logic of anti-Semitism

April 13, 2016

The BDS Movement’s core manifesto, written by its global co-founder and spokesman Omar Barghouti, is unequivicol in its vision: the euthanasia of the state of Israel. A ferocious campaign of de- legitimization has proceeded to indict Israel as a unique pariah among… Continue Reading

The danger of false anti-Semitism accusations

April 07, 2016

This article is in response to previous pieces written by Leah Aubrecht and Mary MacDonald, particularly their article “Reply to Haiven and Zayid.” The claims of Aubrecht and MacDonald that the BDS movement is a campaign of half-truths and propaganda,… Continue Reading

Re: On Etiquette and the BDS Campaign on Campus

April 06, 2016

This article is in response to previous pieces written by Leah Aubrecht and Mary MacDonald, particularly their article “On Etiquette and the BDS Campaign on Campus.” As we made clear in our last piece, the aim of our response was… Continue Reading

Reply to Haiven and Zayid

April 03, 2016

Professor Larry Haiven of Saint Mary’s and retired Professor Zayid take aim at our article that appeared in the March 08 issue of the Gazette. (Letters, March 28) The professors are adept in the art of willful blindness. Larry Haiven… Continue Reading


Do do do do do do, oh honey honey

April 03, 2016

In 2001 the pop industry made 15 billion gallons of pop. Or 1.6 cans of pop a day for every person on the planet. But what’s the cost of a can of pop? Obesity costs Canada approximately seven billion dollars… Continue Reading

Bird courses

Are you getting your money’s worth?

April 03, 2016

I realize with a start that I haven’t been paying attention in quite some time. The professor has been talking, of that I’m sure. I haven’t heard a word of it. My note sheet, optimistically titled and dated at the… Continue Reading

Decade in review

Old man yells at cloud

April 03, 2016

  This week’s Gazette is the final issue of the 2015-2016 school year. This is the time of the year when outgoing editors are supposed to reflect on their tenure with the paper. This is kind of a big moment… Continue Reading

Add women, change politics

How Rwanda is doing the math better than Canada

April 03, 2016

It’s International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, and as we should, we’ve turned it into a weeklong extraganza of women supporting women so that they might recognize their potential and seek whatever future they choose. Celebrating our mothers, wives, girlfriends,… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Mesdames Presidents

April 03, 2016

On March 16, Kathleen Reid was elected president of the Dalhousie Student Union. Her victory was a rarer event than you might think—while women account for roughly 55% of the student population, they have made up only 30% of DSU… Continue Reading

More discourse, less defensiveness

University is a place to have serious intellectual debates about tough topics

March 28, 2016

  I’ve been resisting the urge to comment on the Israeli debate going on in the Gazette. I felt like jumping in would be political suicide (and so I remain anonymous), but the latest issue has been the last straw…. Continue Reading

RE: The neglect of etiquette

March 28, 2016

I was sincerely alarmed to read of the charges against myself and fellow student Mary MacDonald during the rebuttal to our article where we dissented and disagreed with theories put forth by Dr Amal Ghazal as presented in her lecture… Continue Reading