From the Archives: Musical Memories

The Gazette was into the “Faust Waltz” before it was cool.

September 18, 2015

Dalfest 2015 is upon us.  In honour of the most exciting campus concert of the year, the Gazette invites you on a trip through our archives to track the evolution of the musical tastes of Dalhousie students over the past… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Politicians as Gazette Contributors

Write for us — you might become Prime Minister.

October 02, 2015

Election day inches ever closer. Last week, we looked at political visitors to our campus over the years. This week we’re continuing with the political theme. You might not have realized it, but a number of very famous and successful… Continue Reading

Liquor? I ‘ardly know ‘er!

I have seen the future – and it looks a lot like a Taco Bell Cantina

October 02, 2015

  I think we can all agree that Halifax needs more publicly-available alcohol. We seek the solace of chemical concoctions so we can forget that we have three exams and a paper due next week, or that our union bureaucracy… Continue Reading

Keep your ‘compliments’ to yourself

Unsolicited sexual comments aren’t compliments – they’re harassment.

October 02, 2015

  It was a warm day, and I was feeling good about myself. I put on some tight pants, knee-high boots and a low-cut shirt with my boobs pushed up. I looked in the mirror and thought, “I look fucking… Continue Reading

PoSitics, Week 3: The Liberal Party of Canada

Trudeau’s Liberals — more than just “nice hair”

October 02, 2015

This week we arrive at the party that won the third most seats in the 2011 federal election: the Liberal Party of Canada. Of all the parties, the PoSitics treatment may be most necessary for the Liberals. The Conservative war… Continue Reading

PoSitics, Week 2: The NDP

Hey NDP Socialist Caucus – turn those frowns upside down!

September 26, 2015

Welcome to PoSitics. This special Gazette feature seeks to present a positive, upbeat analysis of each party’s platform so that Dalhousie students can approach the upcoming election with an appropriate sense of hope. We want students heading to the polls… Continue Reading

The Flora Syndrome

Feminist pioneers still receive underwhelming levels of support when it counts

September 26, 2015

This past July we lost Flora MacDonald, a true feminist icon. In the 1960’s, she proposed that parliamentary seats be reserved for women. She was the first female Secretary of State for External Affairs in Canadian history, was one of… Continue Reading

Caution: Construction Ahead

Capital Projects, Capitalizing on Capitalism, Create Chaos and Cacophony

September 26, 2015

Do you know what ties together LeMarchant Place, the Wallace McCain Learning Commons, the Collaborative Health Education Building, the Fitness Centre, and the Student Union Building? They’re all part of Dalhousie’s ongoing plan to make construction a permanent part of… Continue Reading

PoSitics, Week 1: The Conservative Party

Finding positives in the Conservative Party’s election platform.

September 18, 2015

    Canadian politics are an ugly business.  We’re inundated with negativity at every turn, as parties spend more time, energy, and money trying to convince us us why their rivals will ruin the country than they do selling us… Continue Reading

On the Road to Damascus

The old highway to personal growth is in need of some major repairs.

September 18, 2015

Disclaimer: I am probably three times as old as most of you students and only half as old as some of the professors I have seen around here at times. First, a geography lesson for those of you who arrived… Continue Reading

Life in the Middle

The Importance of Bisexuality Awareness Week

September 18, 2015

    It’s Bisexuality Awareness Week. This is a week that is sorely needed, as there is still quite a bit of biphobia and bi-erasure out there. According to a 2010 study by the Williams Institute, approximately 20 per cent… Continue Reading

No news is good news

Enjoy your return to campus…but let’s try to make it through the week without triggering another international incident.

September 04, 2015

I know this is an exciting time of year. Everyone is recharged after a summer free from readings, essays, and exams. The weather is beautiful, you have your pick of booze-fueled bacchanalia every night of the week, and there isn’t… Continue Reading

From the Archives: Welcome to Dalhousie

Orientation Week over the decades

September 04, 2015

Orientation Week (previously known as Initiation Week or Frosh Week) has long been one of the most hectic, exciting stretches of Dal’s yearly cycle. Originating in the earliest days of the university – the Gazette was already reporting on hazing controversies in… Continue Reading