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Fasting to make a difference

By Sarah Lawrynuik • November 22, 2013


Dalhousie’s World Vision Society proved that 30 hours can make a difference on the Nov. 15 weekend.
A small group of students, led by the …

Readers, take note

By Samantha Elmsley • November 20, 2013


Yes, it is only November 22. Admittedly, Christmas/the holiday season doesn’t technically start for at least a couple weeks. But we at the Gazette …

Campus group fights for food charter

By Sabina Wex • November 7, 2013


The Campus Food Strategy Group (CFSG) hosted its first meeting to begin its year-long goal to create a Dalhousie food charter.
Fewer than 10 students …

Food service failing students

By Leah Shangrow • October 25, 2013

Food service failing students

Dear Dr. Florizone,
The food situation on campus is pitiful. Students are paying Dal for a service they are failing to provide.
I confess the way …

Fool’s cooking school: breakfast edition

By Emily Hiltz • September 27, 2013

Fool’s cooking school: breakfast edition

With school back in session, it’s easy to fall into a grab-and-go breakfast routine when hitting snooze seems like a better idea than cooking. …

Noshing frosh

By Caitie McIntosh • September 13, 2013

Local Food by Leandra Villermet – 02

The inevitable changes in first year are scary enough without the idea of a 15-pound weight gain.   Everyone will be quick to warn you …

When your parents check up on you

By Kristie Smith • September 4, 2013

When your parents check up on you

The only date more awkward than the first is the one with your parents. You’re new in town and they’ve come to visit to …

Best of the burgers

By Sam Vlessing • April 5, 2013


A week-long love affair

How to pair food and wine

By Jessica Emin • January 16, 2013

The richness of the Chardonnay and the richness of the lobster make this pairing a winner. (Jessica Emin photo)

A few weeks back I met my boyfriend for a late meal at a lovely Italian restaurant on the Halifax waterfront. It was late …

Winter retreat

By Carlie Connolly • November 23, 2012

Drinking isn’t the only indoor activity available over a Halifax winter. (Adele van Wyk photo)

You’re in Halifax when you wake up and see the extremes of weather outside your window. Do you stay inside buried under blankets watching …