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Strawberries in January

By Emma Romano • January 19, 2013

All the stars: Sophie, Francois and the berries. (Emma Romano photo)

Strawberries in January, written by Évelyne de la Chenelière in French and translated by Morwyn Brebner, is a story about saying the wrong thing …

7 movies to feel lucky about in 2013

By Luke Orrell • January 18, 2013

7 movies to feel lucky about in 2013

1. Man of Steel – This needs to be good in order to make up for the blasphemous Super Man Returns that unfortunately flew to the …

Mother Mother review

By Mat Wilush • December 1, 2012

Mother Mother review

Nov. 17: take a bus to the Halifax Forum, where Mother Mother is marking the launch of their Canadian tour. The bus is packed. …

Jon Mckiel explodes slowly

By Randi Beers • September 27, 2012

Jon Mckiel explodes slowly

It took two years to record. Track by track, Jon Mckiel began rendering the marvelous album Tonka War Cloud in his Halifax apartment with his …

Love is All You Need is all you need

By Charlotte Bondy • September 27, 2012

<em>Love is All You Need</em> is all you need

Rarely does a romantic comedy simultaneously satisfy, compel and reveal. However, this is precisely what Susanne Bier, director of In a Better World, (winner …

Tunes Review: Coyote

By Zane Woodford • September 7, 2012

Matt Mays’ new album Coyote is well worth the wait.
With Mays taking on sole production duties for the first time, listeners are treated to …

Stars find true North

By Nick Laugher • September 6, 2012


It’s been two years since the last full-length album from Canadian electro-pop powerhouse Stars, but it feels like it’s been a sprawling, star-scrawled eternity.
After …

TemperTemper’s big break

By Frances Dorenbaum • March 30, 2012

temper temper

His jaw dropped in awe.
The first time Thomas Hoy, the lead singer of Halifax’s TemperTemper, saw the Dirty Projectors in concert he was instantly …

The Beach Boys – The Smile Sessions

By Mathew Holden • March 16, 2012


The sticker on the front of the record says “The most anticipated album in Rock n’ Roll history.” It’s not kidding.
As the leader of …

Carolina Chocolate Drops – Leaving Eden

By Simcha Walfish • March 16, 2012


Leaving Eden finds the Carolina Chocolate Drops in the unenviable position of having to follow up their marvellous, Grammy-winning, 2010 album, Genuine Negro Jig. The …