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Event of the week

The third annual Vaudeville Fashion Design Show will take place on Mar. 5. The show contains 10 scenes, each created by Dalhousie and King’s designers. The designers sew all the dresses – none are bought from a store. Scenes include themes of hunting, pop art and the mountains. Models from Dal/King’s will show the clothes…

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Clothes for cheap – and for charity

With spring (hopefully) on its way, why not support a few charities while shopping for your new wardrobe? The Crooked Closet, an online boutique started by third-year Dalhousie commerce student Kate Robertson, gives one dollar from each item purchased to charities. The online store sells dresses, tops, skirts, and more. Robertson started and launched the…

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Wear your label at Dalhousie

  According to Statistics Canada, one in five Canadians experience mental illness or addiction each year – Kayley Reed and Kyle MacNevin, cofounders of Wear Your Label clothing line, beg to differ. They believe that five out of five people live with mental health problems. “Everyone feels stressed, everyone feels anxious, everyone feels angry, everyone…

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Into Makerland

The sun shines brightly on the long tent outside the commons. On the inside, there is a market filled with curiosities to rival a fantasy novel. The air smells of kettle corns as hand-knitted scarfs, vintage typewriters, and witty prints are displayed under handwritten price signs and Christmas lights as patrons move to examine colorful…

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A Fashionable Way to Spend the Evening

NSCAD’s Wearable Art Show celebrated its 25th anniversary and took place in the Pacifico Night Club on March 5th. As a fundraiser for the AIDS Coalition of Nova Scotia, this student-run event featured 16 different performances, three sculptures and one amazing venue. The show is an entirely different experience – the kind of thing you’d…

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Fashion on the Atlantic

While Halifax can sometimes feel like a barren style wasteland years behind major centres, there is far more going on in east coast fashion than those ubiquitous “East Coast Lifestyle” t-shirts. Admittedly we love our plaid lumberjack shirts, and *Trailer Park Boys* is a dominant sartorial inspiration, but HRM actually has a great selection of…

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Resolution: Dress better

Did you spend one too many a day in the same threadbare, pallidly toned sweatshirt during exams? Is your blanket with sleeves starting to look like an attractive fleecy swaddling for non-couch activities? My friend, things can turn around in your sartorial life in 2014. You probably have the solutions at hand…or, more accurately, in…

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Eau de Orc

Fans are always looking for ways to breathe their chosen object of obsession to life, be it dressing in the garb of a jawa, or learning to speak Klingon. But one dimension that often gets overlooked in making the fantastical real is smell. Imagine how much easier it would be to LARP (“live action role…

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The lion hunter makes purses

Mo Handahu with her clutches. (Joy Blenman photo)

Musemo (Mo) Handahu was flipping through a fabric catalogue when she heard a voice. “It literally said, ‘Make a purse,’” says Handahu, the designer of up-and-coming handbag company Clutch Culture. She gathered vibrant print textiles and began sewing away. Her first clutch was flimsy—nothing special—but to Handahu, that first bag represented the beginning of a…

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