Dalhousie Poets: layers and time

Layer by layer Fundamentally,   Torn down to the bulb at the centre of her,   She was afraid.   Everything she was composed of   Built outward from that undiluted disturbance of self,   And from that hatred,   And then rage,   And then the pulp of the rest of her, bleached white from being washed up and   Dried on loathing.   She…

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Accessibility Online

Mark A. Hill Accessibility Centre

As Dalhousie University students prepared over the summer for an online semester, the university’s Student Accessibility Centre also prepared for changes that would arise in how accommodations would look for online learning. Some accommodations that students access through the Accessibility Centre have now changed.  A student’s experience   The place to find most of the adaptations to accessibility services…

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Overcoming the odds

The ramp up to Shirreff Hall hasn’t always existed.   In fact, when Deanna Gilholm attended Dalhousie University in the 1960s, her friends had to carry her and her wheelchair up the steps. Dalhousie campus wasn’t, and still isn’t entirely, built with disabled people in mind.   Deanna is paraplegic, experiencing paralysis from the legs down, and has been since she…

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