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The Dalhousie Student Union not actually a union

The Dalhousie Student Union (DSU) was created by an act of legislation in 1966. According to a clerk at the Nova Scotia legislature library, that’s exceedingly rare.  When organizations want to collect and spend money, or open a bank account in Nova Scotia they need to be officially recognized by the province. This requires incorporation…

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Agriculture budget’s write-offs raise questions about Dal’s financial management

Nova Scotia would report in its provincial write-offs, under the Department of Agriculture “Uncollected tuition and fees from the Nova Scotia Agricultural College.“ But this line seems odd. Hasn’t the full assets of of the Agricultural College been transferred to Dalhousie with the 2011 merger? Why would the Department of Agriculture still be collecting this?…

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Understanding the barred BoG meeting

Yesterday, amidst the protests of the BAC Report and the tuition fee increases it recommended, the Dalhousie Board of Governors was brought to a standstill. The students, interrupting the meeting by shaking boxes of KD emblazoned with the bright #rejectthereset campaign stickers, and chanting, would not calm down. The Chair of the Board of Governors,…

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Abolishing the debt-sentence

This week’s issue was put together during reading week. Unsurprisingly, most of my regular contributors did not have material to send in. No problem. One of the hot-button issues on campus this month is the proposed tuition increase, and when it comes to tuition, I have opinions enough for 10 contributors. Before we go any…

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Breaking down the BAC Report

Each year, Dalhousie’s Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) presents a report on the University’s budget for the upcoming year. The BAC report details what faculties will be receiving tuition hikes, which services will see decreased operating budgets, and compares Dalhousie’s fees to other large Canadian universities. On February 9th, the BAC released an updated version of…

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Libraries look for financial feedback

Department heads are debating library priorities. (Photo by Chris Parent)

Dalhousie’s libraries held a public consultation on Feb. 25, presenting three possible models allocating 50 per cent of their budget to acquisitions. The libraries will begin implementing one of these models by this upcoming fiscal year, phasing it in over the next four years. The first model is based on spent-year-to-date, the second is based…

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Charming and cheap

So, you’ve spent countless hours scouring ads on Kijiji, visited every half-decent flat in Halifax and have finally decided on the place you want to call home. What’s next? Next comes the dilemma of making it feel like home without further emptying your wallet. Making your place look great doesn’t have to be an expensive affair;…

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Dalhousie awaits HRM approval for joint arena

The saga to renovate Dalhousie’s athletic facilities is ongoing, with several factors yet to be determined. As work toward renovating the aging Dalplex, on top of building a companion fitness facility, is in the preliminary stages, the university has decided where to build a new rink. The university’s board of governors decided in July that…

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Future of Canadian libraries and archives discussed

Masters of Library Information Science (MLIS) student Alison Froese-Stoddard believes stories can keep community archives alive. She and others discussed related issues at the Royal Society of Canada’s (RSC) “The Status and Future of Canada’s Libraries and Archives” on Nov. 8. The talk featured a panel of experts but audience participation was encouraged for discussion,…

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