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The perks of a Dalplex membership

Dalplex. Photo by Rob Grandy

  By now you’ve probably seen the advertisement posters around campus mentioning the Dalplex. My favourite would have to be, “It will not do your readings, but it will get you in shape.” While the Dalplex will not do your homework, first year students are in luck: a free Dalplex membership is already included in…

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The cheap guide to sports in Halifax

Have less than 20 bucks in your pocket but want to watch sports or get fit? Don’t worry, there are tons of places in Halifax—including Dalhousie—where $20 is all you need. From watching hockey to university sports, community events to working out, Halifax has an affordable option for you.   Hockey and university sports: There…

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Tigers drown out the competition

Rookie Jeremy Ryant and the Tigers swimming team was a force in the pool. (David Munro photo)

Dalhousie’s domination in the pool continued this past weekend at the AUS invitational meet at the Dalplex. Dal was on top of the podium for 17 of the 19 women’s events. In the two events that the women did not place first, they were still on the podium for a top three finish. The manly…

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New equipment at the Dalplex

The Dalplex gave Dalhousie students a late Christmas present when they returned from their holiday break. The weight room in the fieldhouse has a brand new look to it. Sixty-five pairs of top-of-the-line dumbbells as well as 24 new barbells were brought into the Dalplex. A four-station weight machine has been added to the second…

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UPDATED: King’s Board of Governors defies students, approve new fee

In a few years the Dalplex will not be the only place on campus to work out. (Ian Froese photo)

UPDATE [Nov. 29, 8:20 p.m.]: The University of King’s College board of governors voted Thursday in favour of implementing a new athletics fee, reported the King’s Student Union on Twitter. The decision was made despite 70 per cent of voting students opposing the new charge. The yearly $180 fee per student will be put into effect…

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Ben’s Ten

Photo by Bryn Karcha.

In the early years of spectator sports, fans attending the games needed something to augment their experience. Thus, the concession stand was born. Fans of any sport can always watch a game with everyone’s two best friends: beer and hot dogs. However, for some incomprehensible reason, spectators attending games at Wickwire Field will not be…

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