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Where to watch?

Halifax, eh? Sports fan, you say? Don’t worry. We have you covered. As we say goodbye to the summer sports season, waving farewell to such favourites as Nova Scotia Senior Baseball, the Maritime Football League and the Halifax Roller Derby Association (yeah, it exists), here’s where to catch your local sports fix: Dalplex (6260 South…

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Quiet nightmare

The yoga space was gone. The badminton nets were missing. The basketball court had been annihilated, or at least removed out of sight. In their place were rows of wobbly, splintery desks. You know what I’m talking about, fellow Dalhousie student. It was exam time at the Dalplex, and only three hours separated me from…

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Dalplex needs to buff up

Dalplex. Photo by Rob Grandy

Classes aren’t enough amongst Dal’s decaying gym facilities It was 6:45 p.m, and I had an assignment due at 7:05. Having missed the bus, I grabbed my bicycle from the back porch, threw on my dorky helmet and began peddling furiously toward the school. About halfway up the hill on South Park Street, I could…

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In line at the DalPlex


Intramurals overflowing for the fall season In a small office space inside the Dalplex, there is a bustling group of sports enthusiasts. As two administrators lament a student who has dropped out, they are excitedly discussing the team member who can now be offered a spot. Campus recreation co-ordinator Andrew Harding is in one of…

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Navigating the campus gym

Using Gym stock photo

How to use your DalCard beyond the cafeteria.     Well, frosh, you may have heard of a little place buried at the southern end of campus known as the Dalplex. It just so happens to be the largest indoor athletics facility in the city, and has plenty to offer anyone who wants to be…

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