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The 5-Day meditation challenge

In the midst of finals I took on a meditation challenge. I thought that staying zen and “cool, calm and collected” would be a piece of cake. Everyone who meditated made it look so easy. Shut your eyes, sit cross-legged on a pillow and maybe take a little snooze. I learned the hard way that…

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Krista’s in the kitchen

Mac and cheese, pizzas, burgers, fudge and cookies. Believe it or not, these foods are being featured in a local dietician’s new cookbook. Krista McLellan lives in Halifax and created a cookbook specifically for students. World food for student cooks features healthy, cheap, easy and quick recipes from around the world. “Although it is pretty…

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Lets talk about HEALTH

It shocks me how uncomfortable 20-somethings get when talking about health. If you ever have the opportunity to sit down and talk with older folks about their health, they will gladly (even if sometimes you wish they wouldn’t) delve into all the details of their most recent colonoscopy or bunion removal. But, for some reason,…

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Why I don’t work out and why it’s stopping you too

We’ve all done it. We’re tagged in a picture and realize that we may be fatter than we think. This requires immediate action. Tomorrow it starts: gym/running/whatever, life forever changes tomorrow. A month later we’re tagged in a picture and realize that we may be fatter than we think. This requires immediate action. The cycle…

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Dal’s mental health services need servicing

Picture this: You are having suicidal thoughts. You look up Dal counseling services and see that they offer same-day Brief Initial Counseling services. You call at  9 a.m. when the phones open to seek help. They tell you they’ve already been fully booked for today…How is that possible? You’re the first caller. So the next…

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Corporeal catastrophe

I’ve gotten lumpy during my university career. I saw a picture of myself from my first year on Halloween. I had long hair, big dreams and goddammit I was thin. Like most students in their early twenties, I gained some extra weight. A study from the Auburn University in Alabama showed that roughly 70 per…

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School on full speed: Bad for your health

University can be a stressful time, especially for first year students. Some students feel the need to take “study drugs” to increase their motivation and generally do better in school. These study drugs—prescription drugs such as Adderall—are used to increase concentration and motivation to get things completed, such as studying for that test or assignment…

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Quick guide to safe sex and consent

Sexy morning after.

  When it comes to sex, protection and consent are the most important elements to ensure all parties involved are having a good time. Here are some do’s and don’ts to make sure that happens. DO be attentive to your partner. Do they appear hesitant or uncomfortable? DON’T push or pressure. DO ask them if…

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Take care of your heart

Life’s twists and turns are navigated by hopping from one choice to the next, making sense of it as you go along. It’s impossible to dictate your circumstances, and you will be pushed both physically and intellectually your entire life, university and beyond. You can handle it and thrive. Trial and error are your friends,…

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Mental health—where to go to get help

  The Student Union Building on Studley campus, located kitty-corner to the hot mess that is the Killam Library, houses many things which improve student life. Besides snacks and caffeine, you can find Dalhousie Counselling and Psychological Services, located on the fourth floor. University life can be tough enough without added stress crowding your brain.…

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