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What’s next? 100 Days to “strategic direction”

The 100 Days report has come and gone and already Dalhousie president Richard Florizone is back to work. He’s going to be busy in the first half of 2014, creating a budget and a strategic plan to guide the university over the next several years. By looking at the 100 Days report and the university’s…

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Q&A with Dalhousie’s new president

Dalhousie Alumni Association president Barrie Black, left, with Richard Florizone at the 2013 homecoming football game. (Photo by Chris Parent via Dal News)

Richard Florizone has settled into his office. After pleasantries have been exchanged, he asks about the weather. In only a few days it’s gone from a blizzard to rain and melting snow. Halifax weather, we shrug. Dalhousie’s 11th president has become acclimatized to wacky Maritime weather—similar to how he has familiarized himself with his new…

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100 Days in 200 pages

Richard Florizone held 48 group consultations, 554 smaller meetings and received 766 online submissions during his first 100 days at work. His report, 197 pages long, was released on Dec. 23, cutting it close to the deadline and over double the anticipated length. Clearly six very busy months wasn’t enough to dent the new president’s…

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Library budget cuts somewhat explained

Books are returning to the “New Acquisitions” shelves at Dalhousie libraries, but the money for them is being redirected from unknown sources. Since September, confusion has surrounded this year’s library budget cuts. In short: new books are coming in again, journals are still facing cuts, and reports will be released by Dal librarians and administration…

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Lack of student voters does not signify student apathy

Dear Dr. Florizone, Please let me preface my letter with a quote from Edmund Burke, which has only proven itself more with time: “It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare.” In the last Dalhousie Student Union election, we had 16.35…

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Dal must stop unsustainable expansion

Dear Dr. Florizone, In my time at Dal, I’ve witnessed tremendous change on our campus. Since 2007, enrollment in many programs has doubled. Entire new curricula have been enacted in our professional faculties. The names of the schools of Law and Management have been sold to the highest bidder. While many of these changes are…

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Food service failing students

Dear Dr. Florizone, The food situation on campus is pitiful. Students are paying Dal for a service they are failing to provide. I confess the way to my heart is through my stomach, but the food at Dal makes me ill—literally. Like many students, I have food intolerances. I am allergic to dairy, soy and…

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Stop asking me for money, I’m broke

Dear Dr. Florizone, I have no reason to dislike you. I’ve never met you, nor even attended Dal while you were in charge. From what I’ve heard about you, you seem like a pretty chill guy. Your Tumblr has a cool mission, even if its name sounds like a Gabriel Garcia Marquez fanfic. You gutted…

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