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More support for student parents

Dear Dr. Florizone, In my three and a half years of graduate study at Dalhousie I’ve found many things to love about the university, but one aspect of my experience here has proven particularly challenging. I have two small children, both of whom were born since commencing my studies at Dal. The balance between family…

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A library without books? Hilarious

Dear President Florizone, I laughed pretty hard at the funny joke Dalhousie made about cutting library acquisitions for one, possibly two years. HA! HA! A library that can’t afford new books? (Wheeze) That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard! Then I found out you weren’t kidding. And stopped laughing. I’m not sure how…

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Dal merger should be more streamlined for students

Dear Dr. Florizone, Congratulations on your nomination to the presidency of Dalhousie. From what I read, the initiatives with which you debut your leadership are thoughtful; One Hundred Days of Listening made clear your intention to close the gaps between students, faculty and administration. This is certainly of interest to the student in me who…

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In defence of costly induction ceremonies

  Let’s be frank: inviting a who’s who of post-secondary royalty to the welcoming party for new Dalhousie president Richard Florizone didn’t come cheap. Eight university leaders from all reaches of the globe descended on campus earlier this month for an induction ceremony and a preceding panel discussion. These international leaders came from afar–Qatar, China,…

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Dalhousie installs its 11th president

On the occasion of Dalhousie University formally installing only the 11th president in its history, the man now tasked with leading it told the crowd that cultivating business and international partnerships are critical to the institution’s success. Richard Florizone shared his optimism for Dal—along with the challenges still to come—during a 22 minute address Oct.…

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Killam cuts hours

Some students do the bulk of their studying at the Killam Memorial Library, relying on its cold, monolithic walls to keep away the temptations of university parties and a warm bed. But as of Sept. 5, it may be harder to study. This semester, the Killam Library has cut its hours. The library now closes…

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100 Days of Listening

If you missed it over the summer (as many students did) contribute your thoughts to the campaign. (photo by Bryn Karcha)

When I first heard about the 100 Days of Listening initiative through the Dal News bulletin, my initial reaction was intrigue. It’s a catchy title for the campaign launched by the university’s new president, Dr. Richard Florizone. Pitched as a bid to gather input from all members of the Dalhousie community, it strikes me as…

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Richard Florizone becomes Dal’s 11th president

Richard Florizone officially joined the Dal community on July 2nd, following a month spent shadowing former president Tom Traves. Florizone mingled with faculty, staff, and students at a reception held in the Henry Hicks Building. His appointment marks the beginning of ‘100 days of listening,’ a series of meetings and consultations with students, faculty and…

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The next president

The presidential search committee unanimously selected Florizone for the position. (Calum Agnew photo)

Dalhousie has found its new president. Richard Florizone, currently vice president of finance and resources at the University of Saskatchewan, will take up the post on July 1, 2013. “The university is fantastic. It’s one of Canada’s greatest universities,” says Florizone. “Everyone’s been really warm and welcoming. It’s a great honour—and a privilege and pleasure—to…

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