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Silencing science

Thomas Duck, an atmospheric scientist at Dalhousie , wants people to start talking about science. It’s important, because research funding is facing drastic cutbacks from the federal government. Duck was one of four speakers discussing the impact of government attacks on science at the Get Science Right town hall at the Nova Scotia Art Gallery…

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I’ve been to grad school—twice

I’ve started a graduate degree in the sciences twice: first a masters in environmental science, and now a doctorate in geology. I’ve learned a few things about what grad school in the sciences entails, and what it typically does and does not provide. I can recommend an advanced degree in the sciences, but only if…

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Stand up for Science rally at Dalhousie

Halifax was one of 17 cities across Canada to host a Stand up for Science rally. Speakers including Nova Scotia MP Megan Leslie and federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May spoke about government scientists who are being defunded and “muzzled” under the Harper administration. The rally was held at the Dalhousie Student Union building and…

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Sea change: Big things afloat at Dal

The facility houses a number of labs and project rooms (Photo by Calum Agnew)

In a quiet corner of the Studley campus, nestled between Shirreff and King’s College, some of Dal’s most exciting research is taking place. Dal has punched well above its weight in the ocean sciences for a long time. With Dal’s newest undergrad, an incredible new building, and boatloads of grant money, it’s an exciting time…

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Science says you should look at cute things

Look at this photo. Now go study. (Photo from Tim Lloyd via Flickr)

We’ve all got to admit: it’s pretty hard to look at adorable images of kittens and puppies and not feel better about life. In Japan, cute things are referred to as “kawaii,” and it’s a culture that’s become increasingly popular around the world. They’re just too adorable not to share. Usually it involves baby animals…

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Travel Halifax

Stop waiting and get walking. (Adele van Wyk photo)

Standing at a Metro Transit bus stop, waiting for a late bus for what felt like the eighty billionth time in my life, I had an epiphany. Hey, I thought to myself, why don’t I just walk? Life in Halifax has been better ever since. Buses often seem to run off their schedule in this…

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Go with the flow

Nova Scotia is looking to renewable energy sources. For most of the world, renewable energy means hydroelectric, solar and wind energy. But here in Nova Scotia, it can mean the tides. Soon we may be using in-stream tidal turbines as a form of renewable energy. But nowhere else have turbines been exposed to tides as…

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Erotic algae

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, at the end of 2009 over 66 thousand Canadians were diagnosed with HIV. (That’s roughly 0.2 per cent of the Canadian population.) Most of us have grown up knowing about the suffering and stigma associated with HIV. But Canadians are fortunate because the chance of contracting a…

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Going deep

The hull of your spacecraft is breeched as it drifts through the vacuum. The air around you and inside you rushes into the void. You have one chance to scream as your final breath escapes your lungs and the air around you accelerates your body toward the hole. The vacuum of space makes space travel…

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