International Women’s Week panel portrays the complainant’s side of Ghomeshi trial

April 03, 2016

From March 7-12, International Women’s Week 2016 took place around the world. At Dalhousie, students, professors and community members saw this week as an opportunity to open the discussion up and talk about wider cultural issues – those that affect… Continue Reading

Military grade flashlight still available to public!

March 17, 2016

You know how after someone takes a picture of you at night with the flash on, it takes like 3 minutes to see properly again? Now imagine that flash is 100x brighter and it doesn’t turn off. You’d have the… Continue Reading

9 reasons President Trump deserves a 9th Term

March 17, 2016

1) Made American Great Again Americans love their founding fathers. As a nation, America has always turned to their 17th century wisdom for contemporary American issues, such as gun control and abortion. President Trump has successfully taken Americans back to… Continue Reading

Canadian Forces Solves Fat Problem

March 17, 2016

The Canadian Forces used to have a problem with it’s members being fat, but that all changed when they lowered the physical fitness requirements. “It’s amazing!” Exclaims Capt(N) Jones, base commander of CFB Halifax, “we used to have these land… Continue Reading

Sex sells

Yet again, the traffic-hungry media prioritizes seedy sexualization over substance

February 12, 2016

I’m generally not surprised when I hear about some new way in which the media is trying to objectify women. The industry generally lives and dies by the idea that sex sells, and hey, it’s true—they wouldn’t do some of… Continue Reading

Students against Israelis

On the normalization of hatred against Israelis

February 12, 2016

Much of political discourse on campus takes place in a vacuum: local municipal issues notwithstanding, most discussions and conclusions have no real consequence on the average student. The “Israeli-Palestinian debate” is no different. Even the most vocal proponents and opponents… Continue Reading

Will the new government bring more research funding to Dal?

Assessing the possibility of campaign promises coming true on campus

November 05, 2015

Justin Trudeau was elected on the promise of change. Universities across the country are now waiting to hear which of these changes will affect them. The Liberal leader pledged to commit hundreds of million dollars to fund research all over… Continue Reading

Doctors share ways to improve health care system

Improving waiting rooms and integrating research into clinical practice were among the topics discussed at forum on innovation

November 05, 2015

  Outcomes for cancer patients could improve by at least 30 per cent if scientific research evidence were used regularly in the healthcare system, a Dalhousie professor told audience members at the Halifax Central Library on Oct. 26. “All this… Continue Reading

‘We’ve been working at this for 15 months’: an interview with Andy Fillmore

Our newly elected Member of Parliament talks about keeping students in Nova Scotia, tuition fees, and goals for a greener Halifax

October 30, 2015

  Andy Fillmore has calloused hands. Peeking out beneath a dark blue blazer and a crisp white shirt, these work-worn hands seem out of place. But the story behind them makes a bit more sense: in the months leading up… Continue Reading

Searching for a story in the nation’s capital

Chronicles of an election weekend spent in Ottawa

October 25, 2015

It’s snowing in October. Hands buried deep in my pockets, I half-jog towards Parliament, cursing the fact that Canada’s capital city also happens to be the second coldest in the world. After Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, of course. Tourists move around the… Continue Reading

Supporters, pipeline protesters greet Trudeau in Halifax

A first-hand account of the Liberal leader's visit

October 18, 2015

Two young women began to shout about TransCanada’s Energy East Pipeline. They yelled about the pipeline hurting the environment, and held up a banner and wore t-shirts expressing the same sentiment. Their cries came out a few minutes after Liberal… Continue Reading

The return of Mulcair

NDP leader addresses crowd in Dartmouth

October 18, 2015

It was Oct.14, with only five days to go before the election. In last-minute attempts to secure votes, the federal leaders were visiting ridings with the closest races. Tom Mulcair, leader of the NDP, stopped in Dartmouth at a town… Continue Reading

Candidates promise help for the disabled

Federal election candidates pledge housing, employment help

October 16, 2015

  Candidates at a debate on accessibility issues highlighted their parties’ promises on housing and pledged to help more disabled people get back into the workforce. “We need to get disabled people back into the workplace so they can start… Continue Reading