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Home for the Holidays?

In this image: someone putting an ornament on a Christmas tree.

Heading back home for winter break can mean a lot of great things: relaxing nights watching cheesy Christmas movies, or fun days making gingerbread houses with your relatives. But that’s not all.  Being back at home for three whole weeks also means getting some tough questions from your parents and relatives. Things can get awkward. You’ll probably…

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Nay to Holiday Diets

In this image: a feast.

Holiday dinners vary across cultures and families. One commonality that links us together is the knowledge that delicious feasts aren’t going to be kind to our waistlines.   But should we give a shit?   Every year, bad Lifetime movies and Christmas decorations accompany headlines across the world spreading “tips” for staying trim during the holiday season. Prepackaged snacks to avoid grandma’s baking. Drinking two liters of water so you…

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Love, Father

Name: Patrick Fulgencio Instagram Handle: @patrickfulgencio Major: Journalism Patrick experimented with disposable film cameras and two-megapixel phone cameras at a young age and only picked up a DSLR camera in his first year of university. Within six months, he had already travelled to Tallinn, Estonia and shot photos for the World Curling Federation. He is…

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Theatre and music merge

Dalhousie University’s theatre and music departments will merge into the Fountain School of Performing Arts on July 1, 2014. With a gift of $10 million from the family of Fred Fountain, Dal’s chancellor, going towards the development of the school, the arts community at Dalhousie anticipates the changes ahead. Rob McClure, chair of the theatre…

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Why aren’t you playing: Gone Home

I feel I must punctuate the beginning of this review with a stern warning that continuing beyond this first paragraph may rob you of an incredible experience. Thus is the nature of Gone Home, by The Fullbright Company. It is the expectations you go in with against the actuality of what happens that elevate this…

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A family affair

It's a family reunion for Paige (Left) and Maddie (Right) (photo by Chris Parent)

It’s a family reunion for Paige, left, and Maddy. (Photo by Chris Parent) There are some who are born into the Tigers family, and others who have been adopted by it and now flourish. Anna Stammberger and her family are an example of the former. “We’re a Dal family,” she says as she and her…

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Changing sexes

A look into the life of a courageous trans individual Editor’s Note: The names in this story have been changed in order to protect the employment and social well-being of the source, who is not actively out in Halifax Sam sits his living room with a friend from elementary school, playing with his new cat.…

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The journey over

the journey over

How out-of-province students cope It is well known that Dalhousie attracts more than just Maritimers. According to the school’s website, 44 per cent of its students come from other provinces. But in the thrill of a transition, what gets lost in translation? Alex Martin, who graduated from high school in Kingston, Ontario, will begin studying…

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