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Insights into a Frosh

Photo by Pau Balite

The Dalhousie Gazette set up a booth at the field party in the Studley quad Sunday afternoon to kickoff Orientation Week for incoming Dal frosh. We tasked  frosh students who came by our booth with writing mini-articles about whatever crossed their mind as they embark on a new stage of their life. This is some of…

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Back to school blues

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What to look forward to, from someone looking back.     Someone who is 22 years old should really not be in the business of giving advice. But, well, here we are: just four months removed from having graduated from the University of King’s College, with the world supposedly my oyster and journalism purportedly my…

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City sounds

Music Guide PLACER

Our guide to keep you movin’ and groovin’ through your freshman year     Music is never hard to find in Halifax. It’s a way of life for many people in the city, and on any given night of the year, you can head downtown and be entertained. The city is host to a truly…

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The frosh guide to campus bars

Frosh guide to Campus Bars - The Grad House

Hali hangouts to suit any style   With files from Erica Eades At the heart of the university experience lies the social bonds formed at the beginning of your freshman year. Sure, some would have you believe that the goal of pursuing a degree is to get a job in your chosen field, but at…

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Memoirs of a frosh

memoirs of frosh

How to survive the week-long party     After moving in your stuff and saying goodbye to your parents, it’s time to get down to the real reason you’ve come to university: to meet people and party like it’s 1999! But university is completely different from any experience that you’ve had before. Your mum and…

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The journey over

the journey over

How out-of-province students cope It is well known that Dalhousie attracts more than just Maritimers. According to the school’s website, 44 per cent of its students come from other provinces. But in the thrill of a transition, what gets lost in translation? Alex Martin, who graduated from high school in Kingston, Ontario, will begin studying…

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Campus dating

Campus dating - by Angela Gzowski

From Turkey Dumps to LikeALittle     For the girls and boys coming into Dalhousie this year single and looking: life has the potential to be very, very good. For the extroverts, there are always the perennial favourites such as residence parties, Frosh events and off-campus keggers—classic meet-up spots. But for the shyer folk, there…

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Gazette pick: Hung-over breakfast

By Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor   When university students are hung-over we revert back to infanthood. We whine, we moan, we yearn to be taken care of. Is there any better treatment for a hangover than a greasy breakfast made for us while we drown our sorrows in five cups of coffee? Athens Restaurant (6273 Quinpool…

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Gazette pick: Sushi

By Rebecca Spence, Arts Editor   Doraku, located on 1579 Dresden Row, is the epitome of delicious simplicity. This tiny hole in the wall serves up some of the freshest fish that Halifax has to offer. It is especially reassuring to know that Doraku is closed on Mondays since fish deliveries are made on Tuesday mornings.…

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