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Transgender Experiences in Halifax

Nova Scotia is a pretty open province and in its heart, lies Halifax. The city is full of various ethnicities, skin tones, disabilities and overall, a kaleidoscope of different human beings. Within this kaleidoscope are individuals who don’t identify with the sex assigned at birth and for the most part, Halifax is rather accepting of…

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Not picking sides

Biphobia is an aversion towards people who identify as bisexual, often seen in forms of invalidating their sexuality or simply taking their sexuality less seriously, especially if someone who identifies as bisexual is in a hetero or homosexual monogamous relationship. The global community has become much more accepting of people in the LGBTQ+ community over…

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The problem with identity politics

The definition of identity politics is a tendency for people of a specific religion, race, social background etc. to form exclusive political alliances; moving away from traditional broad-based party politics. Although identity politics has been around for several years, it’s become more evident in the past few years. It started out as civil rights movements,…

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What happened at the Halifax Pride AGM?

At the Halifax Pride Annual General Meeting last night, there was a lot of talk about creating a Pride that was inclusive for everyone. But that didn’t happen. The Queer Arabs of Halifax (QAH) said that the presence of promotional materials at Halifax Pride from Size Doesn’t Matter, a Canadian campaign that celebrates Israel, makes…

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