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We are not the eight per cent

In the last municipal election, eight per cent of eligible voters between the ages of 20-29 cast their ballots. Compared with 37% overall turnout, young people in Halifax were poorly represented. In the lead-up to this election, there has been a push not only to encourage young peple to vote, but to inform them about…

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Candidate Profile: Brenden Sommerhalder

Brenden Sommerhalder could talk about urban planning all day. The 30-year-old came to Halifax nine years ago for his Masters in Applied Psychology at St. Mary’s University. After graduation, he moved to the north end, the area he calls, “the most Halifax of Halifax.” He is now looking to represent that area, District 8 –…

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Candidate Profile: Lindell Smith

Walking down Gottingen Street with Lindell Smith is a social event. Drivers honk and wave out the windows. Passersby give thumbs up, while others stop for handshakes, hugs and high-fives. “I didn’t think I would have so much support, and that people would be so welcoming and excited to see a young person from the…

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Candidate Profile: Lil MacPherson

Lil MacPherson excuses herself to answer her phone. Though it’s mid-interview, her campaign manager is on the line. There is silence, then, “Oh shoot.” “Did you know about the bomb threats?” MacPherson, the only challenger to the incumbent mayor Mike Savage, is getting a taste of the situation room. The setting is a corner table…

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Candidate Profile: Dominick Desjardins

Every other Friday night, Dominick Desjardins plays Bingo at the Joseph Howe Manor. At 24 years old, Desjardins is younger than many of his Bingo companions by at least 50 years. No matter if he wins or loses the election for District 7- Halifax South Downtown- Desjardins plans to continue his Friday night Bingo ritual.…

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Elections electrified

Provincial candidates should bear this election in mind when running their campaigns. (Adele van Wyk photo)

On October 20, polling stations opened across Halifax for the municipal election. A new mayor was elected, while most of the city councillors are old faces that won the right to return to city hall. Not so in district seven, where many of Halifax’s students live. By just 114 votes, Waye Mason ousted incumbent Sue…

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Post-elections review

What went right, what went horribly wrong, and what to look forward to in future elections. (Adele van Wyk photo)

It would be tough to find a Haligonian who didn’t have an issue with the state of our roads or our transit system, but only 37 per cent of us took the few minutes required on voting day to change them. For the first time in 12 years Peter Kelly didn’t run for mayor. Our regional…

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Q&A: Mike Savage

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Dal Gazette: Why would students vote for you and what are some of your ideas that would significantly affect the massive student population? Mike Savage: I can provide leadership that’s open and transparent.  We can be the youthful city that we want to be, and most importantly, we can keep the young people right here…

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