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Sex education IRL

In this image: a portrait of Dr. Kate Rancourt.

Dr. Miranda Fudge and Dr. Kate Rancourt aim to alleviate stigma, along with educating the public about sex and busting some of the myths associated with it. 

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Canadians’ understanding of consent has dropped

The results of a recent survey from the Canadian Women’s Foundation suggest most Canadians don’t fully understand consent.  The survey presented people with various scenarios, asking if they were consensual, “just so that we knew whether Canadians understood the situations under which people can and cannot give consent,” said Anu Dugal. She’s the director of community initiatives and…

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Pro-life deal breaker

Relationships are more interesting when you don’t agree about everything. Opposites attract.   Arguments over what shows to watch, or what to make for dinner can be adorable and fun. Arguments about a women’s right to choose and the “sanctity of life” are not adorable and fun.  Being pro-life needs to be a definite red flag for all heterosexual women. Not the…

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Safer Sex

There is nearly an infinite number of ways people can have sex; “From licking an armpit to having a five person penetrative orgy, sex isn’t limited,” says Kaleigh Trace, the education co-ordinator at Venus Envy, Halifax’s award winning sex shop. With so many ways to have sex, there is also an array of risks to…

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Lets talk about HEALTH

It shocks me how uncomfortable 20-somethings get when talking about health. If you ever have the opportunity to sit down and talk with older folks about their health, they will gladly (even if sometimes you wish they wouldn’t) delve into all the details of their most recent colonoscopy or bunion removal. But, for some reason,…

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Funding cuts to DSU sexual assault phone line leaves survivors without campus support

Dalhousie University is facing backlash from the community following the announcement that the Sexual Assault & Harassment Phone Line will be cut off after Nov. 3. Aimed at Dalhousie and King’s students, the phone line provides anonymous peer-to-peer support for victims of sexual and gender based harassment and violence. The phone line previously established financial…

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It’s time to talk about sex

  The key to a healthy sex life? Good communication. That was the message Tuesday at a panel discussion, “Taking Care of Down There,” held at the Halifax Central Library. “One in five women might experience pain during sex,” Kate Rancourt told the session, creating problems for women and their partners. Rancourt, a PhD student…

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Sex Column: The dos and don’ts of anal sex

Anal products from Venus Envy. Photo by Angela Gzowski.

Doin’ the booty dance   I was going to write this article on an introduction to sex toys, but after having a few funny run-ins with people on the topic, I changed my mind. Everyone just kept talking about anal sex! The funny thing about it (or maybe not so much) is that there is…

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