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This Movember, my vag

A purple disposable razor.

Pubic hair. It spouts out your butt crack. It pokes through your underwear. It sprinkles down your thighs. Maybe it does all of these things, maybe it does none.   Pubic hair doesn’t care; it grows wild and untamed.  This is the truth and there is nothing wrong with it. Pubic hair is a natural part of…

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In defence of horse girls

Anyone who spends time on the internet has seen the memes.   “All horse girls are now either on drugs, whores or Taylor Swift stans,” quoth Twitter user @jonofyfe.   all horse girls are now either on drugs, whores, or Taylor swift stans — ً (@jonofyfe) September 7, 2018 Also from Twitter: “Horse girls were actually a pentagon experiment they were…

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Something gold and shiny for Lady Bird

Greta Gerwig’s Lady Bird could reach new heights at the Academy Awards tonight, where it is nominated for five Oscar Awards. It’s the year for Lady Bird, it’s the year for Gerwig and it’s the year for the woman. Lady Bird’s nominations include Best Picture, Best Actress for Saorise Ronan, Best Supporting Actress for Laurie…

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Women’s Rep: Katie Douglas

Name: Katie Douglas Hometown: It’s complicated. I was born in Halifax and have a lot of family here, but I grew up in Regina, Sask. Major, year: Third year BSc. Neuroscience. I spent some time at King’s in FYP first, so it’s my fourth year of university in total.   What are the issues within…

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Rhiannon Makohoniuk

Hometown: Moncton, NB Major:  B.A. Psychology & Gender and Women’s Studies, B.SW and currently a special undergraduate student Proudest achievement to date: Getting academically dismissed from school, coming back and getting two degrees and frequenting the Dean’s List. Next big thing she wants to achieve: I want to inspire others to be comfortable with themselves and…

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Letter from the editor: Galhousie

At the end of September, Narcity Halifax published an article called 12 Of The Prettiest Dalhousie Girls You Should Follow on Instagram. The article praised these women for their beauty, but gave no mention of their personalities or accomplishments. These 12 “prettiest Dalhousie girls” appeared nearly identical, with the majority of them fitting perfectly into…

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Ladies, just poop

I remember my first panic attack. It was at the Summer Rush concert in Alderney landing. I was fresh out of grade nine and packed in with hundreds of sweaty strangers, I was with friends who I was slowly growing apart from and about witness the raw musical talents of Pitbull himself. Then, out of…

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Fresh meat

During the week, Rachele Manett is a graduate student at Dalhousie, but every Sunday night she becomes “Fresh Meat.” No, not in a derogatory way; rather, it states her skill level at roller derby, a unique sport that is quickly becoming the fastest growing sport in the United States. Founded in 2010, the Anchor City…

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Add women, change politics

It’s International Women’s Day on Mar. 8, and as we should, we’ve turned it into a weeklong extraganza of women supporting women so that they might recognize their potential and seek whatever future they choose. Celebrating our mothers, wives, girlfriends, our CEOs, our cabinet ministers and our game-changers, International Women’s Day is a day to…

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